Mixing Every Nail Polish in My Brand Together (What Colour Will It Be?👀)
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...this video also included every single other nail polish we've ever made at Holo Taco but I'll spare myself the typing😂
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  • xraven_shadowx

    "midnight hollow" would be a good name since its the right color and holo is less shiny at night also its a play on words

  • Don’t Mind Me Okay
    Don’t Mind Me Okay

    “What color would it be?” *holo*

  • Julia Sleeman
    Julia Sleeman

    Safiya should mix all HER nail polish together 👍

  • kenzie

    i think you shojld call it “plum surprise” or “purple fantasy” :D

  • Thandie Velarde Martínez
    Thandie Velarde Martínez

    i'm late but the name could be "all o' the holo"

  • Pernille Sørensen
    Pernille Sørensen

    Costum polich for Sophia 😂

  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry Milk

    It should be called “holo-everyone”

  • kakashi_lover

    How about "marbary perr"

  • Craze961

    I’d call it Chemist Chaos (After Hours)

  • Linda Tagliagambe
    Linda Tagliagambe


  • Lulu & Elle
    Lulu & Elle

    0:22 Cristine editing: Cris 😑 Cris 😑 Cris 😑Cris 😑

  • whyamihere

    I dont know about a name but on the back it could say "Cant decide which Holo Taco polish to choose? It's not a problem anymore" Btw I know I'm 5 months late Dont judge me

  • Kirsty Warren
    Kirsty Warren

    I tink it should be called haloeen

    • Kirsty Warren
      Kirsty Warren

      I know i am realy late

  • Brianna Hampton
    Brianna Hampton

    Mixing all of your oats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abc def
    abc def

    Am I the only (a little triggered) scientist here?😂

  • Sarah Meehan
    Sarah Meehan

    im very late but call this... party bag!

  • Melissa Linden
    Melissa Linden

    Ok but I am BEGGING for a collection of the mixes

  • Vignesh Nehru
    Vignesh Nehru

    I'd call it the "night spirit" Cos the color range is deep purple-violet indigo and if you've ever looked at a starry night sky, you'd see the stars, different sizes and shifting colors. This. Polish reminded me of the night sky and hence "night spirit" What do you think? 😅

  • DragonAir !
    DragonAir !

    I think the name sounds be 33 shades of holo

  • Adeline Louwagie
    Adeline Louwagie

    It shall be called simply mixed up

  • Denise Ruffing
    Denise Ruffing

    muted galaxy or dusty galaxy

  • Harper Eastridge
    Harper Eastridge

    I I think it should be “my tacos”

  • Shakil Aziz
    Shakil Aziz

    Happy birthday

  • Persephone Daniska
    Persephone Daniska

    Supreme taco

  • Grace gromala
    Grace gromala

    Spooky remix

  • L I A R
    L I A R

    reminds me when you wash a color load in the dryer, and the lint is this purpley color.

  • Gabriela Salazar
    Gabriela Salazar

    The holo glitter one? The one that's purple lol. The color reminds me of chicha morada (a drink from Perú) and I really like it, I would like that lol

  • TabbyCat Rblx
    TabbyCat Rblx

    Is the creme one what inspired Duck Tape Gray?

  • Julie Long
    Julie Long

    I want to see all her nail polish 💅 like and copy an paste if you agree

  • Hilary Wycherley
    Hilary Wycherley

    She says 'Woooooow' like I do!!!

  • Anastasia Musquiz
    Anastasia Musquiz

    galaxy madness is a good name

  • Geri R
    Geri R

    I'd wear it.

  • Geri R
    Geri R

    Wondering if this is where the idea for Duct Tape Gray came from?

  • Marie Borger
    Marie Borger

    Cosmic holo

  • Nalani DeBrito
    Nalani DeBrito

    am i the only one that wonders if this is how she makes her intro

  • Cece Chapman
    Cece Chapman

    The pansexual flag at 5:12

  • Gracie Archibald
    Gracie Archibald

    I wanna say that when you mix separately and then add them together (witch she did) there would be a different colour if she mix them all at the same time no separation

  • Stella Mare Mika
    Stella Mare Mika

    Happy birt

    • Stella Mare Mika
      Stella Mare Mika


  • Tara King
    Tara King

    As someone who has tried it before, I cannot advise that you mix hair dyes.

  • Kaleb J
    Kaleb J

    You need to sell the unicorn skin mix that’s beautiful

  • Jennifer Robinson-Gilden
    Jennifer Robinson-Gilden

    My son suggested "space dust"

  • Rairii Sutibunsu
    Rairii Sutibunsu

    She could melt all the crayola crayon colors and mix them

  • Linda Wade
    Linda Wade

    Does anybody else really want that blue creme mix?

  • Manha Durrani
    Manha Durrani

    Sorry I'm late but still happy birthday. I love ur channel. It's awesome mainly cause I love nail polish.

  • Cathy Swinton
    Cathy Swinton

    It's purple because the pigments we use to produce red and blue colours are more concentrated than the yellow ones - which tend to be quite dilute-able to still show up on their own but then that means there's less pigment compared to red and blue products which usually come in much more varying levels of intense-ness! If you added more yellow or orange to the mix you'd start to get brown or you could add green-yellow to get a more black colour :D

  • Jennifer White
    Jennifer White

    Everything Taco! Kinda like everything bagel.

  • Sofia De Marco
    Sofia De Marco

    I would love the name simply everything

  • Live Life
    Live Life

    It’s called Zombie Taco

  • Hailee Smith
    Hailee Smith

    I think ''simply's tea''

  • Superbowl Sunday
    Superbowl Sunday

    i want the mixed topper soooo bad

  • Jocelyn Ayala
    Jocelyn Ayala

    I think it should 100% be called Halo taco party in a bottle

  • RandomPingu

    I was thinking of a name and I thought about: 33 in 1

  • Iridescent Vampire
    Iridescent Vampire

    Do Taco polish mountain 🌮

  • DjCarlos45


  • M

    I kinda own that color.

  • amymchasi

    Okay but hear me out... Black holo polish Like how fucking good would that be

  • Little wolf beam X :p
    Little wolf beam X :p

    No lie at school we watched idk his name the __ the Science guy

  • Hannah


  • jimei Guo
    jimei Guo

    can we name it "simply mixed holo".

  • Eloisa Ortiz
    Eloisa Ortiz

    Out of this world

  • Madison Salvatore
    Madison Salvatore

    we have the same birthday

  • Heather Yanos
    Heather Yanos

    Simply remixed polish


    Holo moto

  • Emily Lange
    Emily Lange

    "midnight menchie"

  • Noor Farhana
    Noor Farhana

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  • lentomurkku kuussa
    lentomurkku kuussa

    This is giving me major galaxy vibes

  • Nicole Kennedy
    Nicole Kennedy

    I called the end color "All-o Taco" in my head just now, seems appropriate lol.

  • Madisons Gaming
    Madisons Gaming

    This would look good on safia

  • Kayla 2001
    Kayla 2001

    Simply Holo ween It's a good Halloween nail polish

  • Marianne Poirier
    Marianne Poirier

    9:52 Am I the only one that spotted the loose mising ball? XD

  • Owls Sna
    Owls Sna

    Call it midnight madness

  • Thea Audine
    Thea Audine

    Name could be "birthday mix" lol

  • Peony Lee
    Peony Lee

    Simply Galaxy

  • cheesy cat
    cheesy cat

    the polish should be called got mixed

  • OniNite

    Holo in a bottle its all her wishes in a bottle

  • ꧁Kokichi Ouma irl꧂
    ꧁Kokichi Ouma irl꧂


  • Something cool like 'Beat Vengeance'
    Something cool like 'Beat Vengeance'

    Extra (rainbow) eggplant

  • Jeevani

    *franken holo taco*

  • LeaTheArticWolf

    Mixing all the dye in DRUGS STORE wait is it called drugs store nag I don't care mixing DYE!!!

  • Julia Buchanan
    Julia Buchanan

    There should be merch saying just "Simply Extra" or "I'm simply extra" With glitter all over it cause I have never heard something so true for me atleast.

  • Amber

    when the queen cristine (ha that rhymes) knows the other queen melanie

  • Marina

    safiya should mix all cheese's yum cheese

  • G Lockwood
    G Lockwood

    Could it be this, could this be that, could it be PuRpLe

  • Bryce Corey
    Bryce Corey

    What's on my other hand??? Where is it

  • Sarah Rose Andrus
    Sarah Rose Andrus

    Anyone else get minecraft vibes from the music when she’s mixing 😂

  • eitan romero
    eitan romero

    Holo taco: holo beans🌮

  • Haley Gaming
    Haley Gaming

    ( Medieval mix) is a good name

  • Michaela Smith
    Michaela Smith

    YES PLEASE!!! Simply Got Extra

  • No

    I actually made the holoday glitter mix finally after wanting to for ages, but I didn't have an empty bottle to use so I had to wait until I finally ran out of my glossy taco (yes I just really wanted to have the mix in a Holo Taco bottle) it is SOOO pretty

  • Alex Enso
    Alex Enso

    "Will it be purple?" Lol it always is

  • Elsie Patterson
    Elsie Patterson


  • TikTok Kingdom
    TikTok Kingdom

    I think you should name it "surprise party"!!!

  • Cat Coronado
    Cat Coronado

    Let's be real. This is the Holo Frankenpolish

  • Ember AshTalon Animations
    Ember AshTalon Animations

    Call her "Dusted Winter: Remixed" She needs some good tender lovin'.

  • Wiley

    Waiting for Simply Extra

  • sky bell
    sky bell

    You could call it the everything taco kinda like the everything bagel

  • Dea Dea
    Dea Dea

    Holo Galaxy💿🌌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mahek Singhi
    Mahek Singhi

    "actually i might do that one because i am disgusting"

  • Venus L
    Venus L

    Holo Taco Buffet

  • B G
    B G

    I think the nail polish should be called Dusty Midnight Purple.