What's Wrong With My Face
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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike

    Doctor Mike @ your service!

    • Furry Fuzzbutt
      Furry Fuzzbutt

      @Ashley De it’s not a problem anymore

    • CJ Bean
      CJ Bean

      @Patty F yea

    • *-{bean}-*


    • emni

      You're a clown for violating covid. You go against everything a truely good medical professional stands for. No one in their right minds would've done what you did.

    • W. E.
      W. E.


  • Kayla C.
    Kayla C.

    Did you ever find out what cause this? I hope you are okay

  • TotallyAnouk

    i don't know if i had was similar but on one of my eyes at the top (underneath my eyebrow) it was swelling up and i couldn't see. all i had to do was just massage it with warm water. it was weird because it went away after 2 days-

  • It's Claire
    It's Claire

    Ummmm I’m coming back to this video Because this is happening to me..... ahhhh

  • Thicky Nikki Kunkle
    Thicky Nikki Kunkle

    All you need is a glossy taco

  • Sapphire Thunderbird
    Sapphire Thunderbird

    Haters *sees title* “ha everything is” jk I’m not a hater Also I sign the petition ✅

  • Roxy Jones
    Roxy Jones

    Turn to God because he will change your life

  • Sarah Xia
    Sarah Xia

    This has happened to me!!!! The first time it happened it was triggered by two cats at my in laws place. Since then I get flare ups randomly, and have become more sensitive to heavy creams. If I put on a heavy oil based cream, I will get another flare up that lasts anywhere from 1 week to a few weeks. Even though now it's triggered by heavy facial cream/oil, it originally started from the cats :( I have always been allergic to cats (runny nose, itchy skin, hives, etc) but have never reacted this way until last year.

  • Geri R
    Geri R

    What will Cristine do if she's allergic to the latex and spandex in her workout clothes? Or something in her home gym equipment?

  • Marketa Haluzova
    Marketa Haluzova

    I had this. Just read a little about RED SKIN SYNDROM... stress is top one thing but try to avoid topical steroids. Or u would end up really badly. Skin gets addicted on it soo quickly :( and as any addiction it is really bad to get rid of it... Good luck! And get well sooon!! :)

  • Emily Guess
    Emily Guess

    Can simplyfacelogical come out play with us yet?? I hope she is ungrounded soon!

  • Jenn WA
    Jenn WA

    Hearing Cristine talk about how hyper she gets when taking prednisone makes my asthmatic ass feel seen 😂🙃

  • Noura.A

    i’m allergic to hair dye i dye my hair the first time at 22 because i have gray hair my face ones looks worse than yours now i’m 24 and i accept my gray hair it’s ok

  • littleザイ


  • 狐「キツネ」Helena

    My eyes are currently starting look like Cristines (kinda worried) but I don’t look as good as she does I just look like a molerat instead with no holo

  • The Seventh
    The Seventh

    If its cyclical it could involve your female cycle. You could be allergic to your own estrogen and progesterone hormones (autoimmune disorder). I saw a programme where a woman would get a reaction every time her hormones increased. Make sure to record the dates, times and symptoms to help narrow it down and keep an EpiPen on hand incase of a severe reaction.

  • Nicole Kennedy
    Nicole Kennedy

    I'm new here, hi! I hope you figured out what is going on and that it isn't serious ❤❤

  • Tasha C
    Tasha C

    I know I'm 6 months late but I have an autoimmune disease called psoriatic arthritis (not just arthritis) and I had the literal exact same thing happen but mine was autoimmune-related. I was 22 and it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It is such a horrible feeling to have something so painful going on and not knowing what is going on at all. I hope it never happens to you again.

  • æsthxticʕ·ᴥ·ʔbear


  • Anonymous

    I'm living an autoimmune disorder, like you are describing. I have been on many different types of meds, shots and IV's, to get it somewhat under control. Good luck on your medical journey.

  • I'm Just Me
    I'm Just Me

    Not once did she mention her CATS being possible allergens....🤦‍♀️

    • Jamie Witton
      Jamie Witton

      tf you mad for loool she wouldve know if it was her cat

  • Nightmare

    Oh no

  • Jennifer Mullins
    Jennifer Mullins

    My mom did this, looked exactly the same. It took a year to figure it out. Ended up being an allergic reaction to the flea medication that she gave her cat.

  • Presley Webb
    Presley Webb

    What if it’s nail polish

  • Elvenpath

    I can kind of relate. I have a condition called urticaria. As a kid my knees kept swelling up and then it went away. It hit me again as my high school finals were going on but a bit different. My lips kept getting swollen, my throat was closing up and I had these swollen, rashy patches all over my legs and arms. It also got worse from pressure so if I was knitting or something for a while my fingers swell. I was on heavy duty allergy meds and took a 4 times the regular dose for 2 years. Then it just went away again. It tried to come back in 2019 when I lived abroad to study for a while and in 2020 when I was finishing my master's thesis. The worst part is that there is no rhyme or reason for it. It's an autoimmune thing and my body simply is on overdrive producing histamine like crazy.

  • Umbreon

    This happens to me u have allergies its the cat or pets that have hair and it gets in your nose I think it always does this to me

    • ToriFaere


  • Ashley S
    Ashley S

    I get the same thing too when I work with resin or some type of chemicals

  • cozy cas
    cozy cas

    A similar thing has happened to me recently but only on 1 eye, the eye itself isn't itchy but the eyelid it's red and itchy and dry and I have no idea why 😭

  • D.X.K.X Tew
    D.X.K.X Tew

    Lacquer poisoning?

  • Pablo del Segundo
    Pablo del Segundo

    I live for drugs. It's great.

  • Jacqui Skelton
    Jacqui Skelton

    I had this exact flare up a couple of years ago. I get smaller flare ups all over my body, and it turns out I'm severely allergic to nickel. There's a lot of food I can't eat...

  • Burning Glitch
    Burning Glitch

    Unless you Doctor Mike *sMeXy MUsiC* cAlL mE

  • Stephanie Lindley
    Stephanie Lindley

    Is there an update on this? Going through the same thing right now. 😳

  • Amanda Crystal
    Amanda Crystal

    You know I have the same issue and its gel polish and when filing nail wash your face a few times while doing your nails 💐hope this helps

  • Sammie Plays
    Sammie Plays

    I thought on the cover and the title of the video that you should Asian lol 😝

  • Mary Fehr
    Mary Fehr

    Yore ellergic to COVID!!!!!!1111

  • Wilsey Zahner
    Wilsey Zahner

    I hope you are getting better! ❤️

  • Jane Richards
    Jane Richards

    search up you might want to check if your allergic to cats I really hope you get better soon.

  • Simona Marin
    Simona Marin

    you're not alone am allergic to all make-up

  • Odette Ortega
    Odette Ortega

    what if its the metallic nail polish? since you smell it a lot and goes to your face, because you use a lot of metallic nail polishes and that could be it!

  • M W
    M W

    Lyme disease

  • CutesyPOP

    Simply with a puffy face: If I was a beauty guru I'd be in so much trouble Also Simply, who is a nail artist, when she has a broken nail: Nail art? What's that? I'm just gonna make a fake exposing video about myself and swim in a pool of tea~!

  • Melon Lord
    Melon Lord

    I get hives because of my allergies but I've heard you can get it because of stress too

  • john smith
    john smith

    girl you allergic to the beauty community bullshit lmao

  • White

    Wow, doctor mike on simply's video :D

  • Jade Ehlers
    Jade Ehlers

    I love her I hope she is ok

  • Linni Rutledge Makeup
    Linni Rutledge Makeup

    I get this from gel polish. The fumes alone not even the polish !

  • Cam Chau Nguyen
    Cam Chau Nguyen

    Imagine if she's allergic to indoors (since it started in quarantine)👀👀

  • ASMR honey slime
    ASMR honey slime

    HeY I Am aN AmAzInG DoCtEr. YOu HaVe A DisEase CaLlEd HoLOgrAPhiciTIs

  • Catherine Maxwald
    Catherine Maxwald

    It happind to me you are goinig to be ok

  • Meggean Lane
    Meggean Lane

    Are you sure you don’t have an autoimmune disorder and your body is attacking itself and causing the rash and swelling.

  • Krisha Raja
    Krisha Raja

    What the hell is wrong with cause when cristine showed the picture with the rash on only one eye,I thought bout todoroki

  • Lesley Egbert
    Lesley Egbert

    So glad to hear you mention the rheumatologist! Autoimmunity (or some other immune overreaction) was exactly what I suspected listening to your story. I had a loooong journey myself with a suite of vaguely immune-related issues a few years back, so I feel your pain and sincerely hope you can find a resolution.

  • Morgan Musick
    Morgan Musick

    Dude..I looked like that when I was allergic to an antibiotic!! Obvs I didn’t know I was allergic before I took it. But it was SO bad!! So I feel you & it sucks asshole. But I looked JUST like you do here in my driving permit picture. 😂 I got outta the hospital like the day before I went to go take my test & my driver’s permit looked.......we will just go with puff-tastic. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Sophie Gibbons
    Sophie Gibbons

    @simplynailogical very interested to find out what’s causing this, I’m experiencing something extremely similar and I’m no where further forward finding out what is it. So I feel your pain! So I hope you find out soon and they find a solution for you 😘

  • Abasia Jeftha
    Abasia Jeftha

    U such an amazing person i love ur positive attitude and ur vibe 😍🤗🇿🇦

  • SISter SQaudEEE
    SISter SQaudEEE

    Nooo what if it's ur cats : (((

  • Mezza Tazza
    Mezza Tazza

    You look like Carla Bruni here

  • Callie Reynolds
    Callie Reynolds

    I had a bad allergic reaction to my friend's super sweet cat once and my eyes swelled shut and I was so embarrassed. I think it is good you're able to show people hey, this is happening. Sometimes people have to go to the doctor a million times and they still aren't sure. Wishing you all the best.

  • David Kirk
    David Kirk

    Simply Immunological

  • iPyromantic

    Ironic that I'm watching this with a face that feels raw and itchy, after taking WAY too many antihistamines (I slept till 5pm today,) from what may or may not be a reaction to either an antibiotic or putting vaseline in the wrong spot. So I can definitely relate. Hope you've cleared up and got it figured out by now!

  • Quinn

    I’m glad you live in Canada. I live in the US and healthcare costs are... well, fucked up

  • Renee Webb
    Renee Webb

    This happens to me when I use resin. You're having a chemical reaction. Are you using resin?

  • Bec

    I honor you get better🐐

  • Ged Terceno
    Ged Terceno

    Hi Cristine! Any updates on your health?

  • Vanessa Lavergne
    Vanessa Lavergne

    i got the exact same kind of reaction to my eyes when i got pregnant😂 what are you hiding?🙄😂😂

  • Trisha Helmer
    Trisha Helmer

    Your face wen is puffed up look like mine from the sun and a cream allergic reaction.

  • Random Zen
    Random Zen

    I've been through that shit (and even worse actually.. couldn't sleep in 3 days because of how red/violet and itchy my whole body was) a month ago and doctors still don't know what caused it so, I hope you found out because it is not a pleasant experience

  • Barbie Twinmom
    Barbie Twinmom

    Did she ever find out the answer? Just now seeing this

  • ii7tar0

    If it goes on your neck go right in to the hospital, im also allergic to allot of stuff and when its on your neck it might make it hard to breath, i fainted once lol

  • Sarah Doucette
    Sarah Doucette

    The same thing happened to my legs but one day it just stopped



  • Christina Mays
    Christina Mays


  • Cassandra Alexis
    Cassandra Alexis

    Something similar happened to me a couple months ago, it turned out I developed an allergy to my cat of nearly 3 years

  • tegan jwdb
    tegan jwdb

    even tho you said dont try this at home on most of your videos i did it i put the same rainbow chrome all over my ace and i took a pic and posted it then i did a full face of makeup and i used a fake metal looking eye shadow and i put it on my eyebrows as a filler i used a rose gold for highliter all over my face and a copper for my bronzer and i looked like a balloon

  • kquietdoll

    Maybe it's the fumes from the nail polish...

  • Sprinkelle


  • Kenneth Roady
    Kenneth Roady

    Hello simply I watched your video about what's going on about with the puffy eyes and everything I've had my own experiences with my own body and face you know and I want you to know that's I'm a gal to that likes that glittery Lami nail polish and actually like your Halo Taco nail polish because it's kind of the sparkly shiny type nail polish that I am into really sparkly shiny all glammy and very gorgeous all those colors oh my goodness you're a woman after my own heart anywho when I was younger I had gone to ballet classes and I constantly insisted my mom get me this blue eyeshadow and apparently I was allergic to it because it broke my whole eyelid out and it was a cream type eyeshadow and after first gave me like a allergic reaction I was like you know what this ain't worth having my skin break out I'm just going to get rid of it cuz I can remember through like when I was in ballet when I was younger when we did photo shoots and things like that I would have light blue eyeshadow and of course my mom I talked her into buying this eyeshadow that I mentioned before well apparently because it broke my eyes that I had let my mom know that apparently I must be allergic to what's ever in the makeup whatever it's made out of it was a cream-based I remember that much and it was more than one color of blue so I let my mom know that apparently it's breaking my skin out and and it whatever is in it my skin just can't handle it's something I didn't anticipate for sure just thought maybe sharing that story with the gal who loves sparkly Holo nail polish with flakes of glitter in there of course I love nail polish that is metallic has glitter of any kind and especially if it's pink my favorite color and my mom was allergic to cats so we couldn't actually have cats in the house but I've always loved cats so you really are a gal after my own heart and my mom she also worked for Avon and Mary Kay so she knew her makeup but because of the way my natural blond hair color is and my skin complexion I've got kind of fair-skinned and my gorgeous brown eyes I tend to stick to a more natural pallet that looks Far More Beautiful on my skin and does it make me look really stupid is the best way for me to put it without getting myself in trouble with the UZload's Community guidelines honestly I left color and I love things that are cute and things that speak to me the spark Joy you might say I prefer wearing more color than I do black I'm more of a fan of wearing all the colors of the rainbow pretty much it don't matter if they're pastel it don't matter if they're bright it don't matter if they're neon it just depends on whatever Sparks Joy I'm pretty much as loud as I want to be or as calm as I want to be and scene can be said with my socks I am not a fan of White socks it don't matter if it has funky print of its mismatching if it's toesox it don't matter I'm going to wear what I'm going to wear I don't have to be some runway model I follow my own fashion trends I'm just quirky like that I don't follow Trends I make them that's how I think because I actually want to own my own business my own Boutique make arts and crafts sell them and also make my own clothing honestly that's the god-given truth because that's actually my plan for my future I realized earlier on when I was younger that I'm really good at sketching and doodling stuff and I do have several designs in my binder I enjoy when I find inspiration to make all these awesome things to make things that are interesting and I think you and I would get along swell when I see you through watching UZload I see a woman and I'm well aware you're older than me technically in May of 2021 I'm turning 30 the way I see it were 90s babies and we both seem to fall under the same wavelength and the fact that I see from watching your content that you've made on for UZload and I can see that if we were to meet you and I would get along just swell I like to watch UZload because both giving all the crazy stuff that's already happened in 2020 and already all the things that are going on in 2021 I had to have something to distract me my dad likes to watch the news in fact using my dad's tablet at this moment my dad lets me borrow his tablet I would buy some of your Holo nail polish but I don't have the means or the money at this moment to buy what I want and unfortunately I'm just going to have to wait you know the one crazy thing I've seen before this one is the one about that that stuff that apparently takes off nail polish that you said the smell of it reminds you of when you worked at your dad's the smell of that paint stripper what I would like to say is the fact that that bottle of that stuff came from China and the covid-19 from China from what we know and everything since the pandemic hit and everything has been screwed up ever since and everybody has gotten sick all around the world I bet you have your own opinions about this whole nonsense that occurred back in 2020 and the political climate even during this time even though it's 20 21 you probably have your own opinion about everything I know that my opinion is simply that I'm fed up of the Democrats and the far left and communist screwing with America because from what I understand it is really going to go to hell in a handbasket it is going to get really bad and that's just me being nice and being honest as well I hope you get well because of what's going on with the pandemic and all you and I both know that the last thing you need to be stressed out or worried about is getting covid-19 and yeah it hasn't been easy for me either I don't think it's been easy on anybody honestly are there towns where I get fed up of listening to the news specially the one that my dad listens to because after a while I'll hear stuff that makes me so freaking mad and then I have to try to ignore it and either go to my room with the tablet or sit where me and my dad had the TV and even though I'm right next to the TV I've got the tablet close by trying to distract me from what is going on the TV trying to keep my blood pressure and stress level and anger is far lower as down as I can so yeah sometimes if I get pissed off enough I can start cussing up a storm there's a mental threshold scenes and once I get pushed past my breaking point and once I get straight out of pure pissed off and yep y'all just trust me cuz unless you've been around me and seen me when I got past my Breaking Point y'all don't realize sometimes it takes me awhile that straight-up piss me off and then sometimes certain things will anger me a lot sooner it just depends on what's Happening watch other many UZloadrs and I know one thing you and pretty pastel are one of my many favorites I do hope you get to feeling better here's to hoping that 2021 will be so much better for everyone around the world because you know and I know it that all kinds of you know what is going to hit the ceiling if what my dad thinks is going to occur which it's all honesty given what the Democrats have been up to and the far left and the Communists it's fair enough to say that if things go the way my dad thinks they're going to go yeah I'm not going to say it because I'm thinking that Google is gone to flag it and be like uh oh so yeah any who have a blessed day💅💖💎🦋🌸🎀🌙💿🇺🇸🌟💐.

  • Jenrose

    Aw man eye stuff is the worst. I have sjogrens, allergies, AND I'm immune suppressed so sometimes I get itchy yeast eyelids or other stuff. I've hit the point where I"m always on regular antihistimines, but ALSO low dose steroids, AND I have to take famotidine (it blocks a different kind of histamine) when the other stuff isn't enough. Fun times.

  • C Luu
    C Luu

    As someone who experienced a random spike in my eczema in 2020 I relate so much, I don't know what kind of coincedence this is but mine also developed around my eyes as a ring and it's very irritating and itchy :(( I feel like I've tried everything from creams to lotion, but even the most basic things like water hurt/burn too. My eyes sometimes get puffy as well but it hasn't reached to the extent where I can't open both of my eyes, obviously there are better days than others. Thanks again for always just showing that it's ok to not be at what you deem as 100% for yourself to accept your own appearance, I often feel really embarassed by my eczema and very othered by people who constantly ask about it. So long story short, thanks.

  • Cherry Pye
    Cherry Pye

    I had the exact same reaction a few years ago. I spent a few days repainting all the rooms in my house but didn't make the connection. My eyes got worse and worse until I ended up in hospital. Doc gave me steroids and said it looks like a reaction to something I had been breathing in.. Paint fumes!

  • Cristina Jimenez
    Cristina Jimenez

    Update please 🥺 we want to know how are you feeling girl

  • Limonlexi 0-0
    Limonlexi 0-0

    Cristin and Ben are really cute together

  • niamh rattigan
    niamh rattigan

    Man what are the chances that the allergies was actully polish fumes so she couldnt continue:(

  • RobloxFan 421
    RobloxFan 421

    I used to get these but on my cheeks

  • Fayth Seal
    Fayth Seal

    I have the same issues you have/had with the swelling. I'm not a doctor so no advice, but its definitely something you should keep searching for answers about. And do go to a doctor who listens to you well.

  • Cerys Evans
    Cerys Evans

    What if it’s the nail oil she uses? I know I’m 4 months late and I’m not really sure if she’s updated us on anything but it could possibly be that?

  • Hypodermic

    Coming here bc i got the same problem😭

  • Lonley Slendy
    Lonley Slendy

    a friend of mine had a problem a bit like that, but it wasnt just on her face. It was all over her body. i have a problem a little bit like it my arms just start going all red and red a bit like the pictures

  • Kala Bell
    Kala Bell

    What eye cream do you use? I recently had similar issues and it was extended exposure irritation or something like that from my eye cream. Just a thought hope you're doing better 🤗

  • Audrey Schilling
    Audrey Schilling

    Who else agrees that that final shot of her outro with beyyyn was adorable? I'm so glad she has that love in her life! Feel better Simply!!!!

  • Mila Smith
    Mila Smith

    you still look beautiful

  • Mila Smith
    Mila Smith

    I hade an allergic reaction to posen ive and woke up with a puffted purple ring arowned my eye and puffed up face

  • Elena Georgiou
    Elena Georgiou

    Love this video and hoping you are well. Had a similar experience this year and it helped to see someone else being positive and beautiful while going through a frustrating circumstance. 💛

  • Anna Luksha
    Anna Luksha

    All I know, is you're lucky to have patch tests vs scratch tests, did them as like an eight year old (and again a couple months ago), it was like ten cat scratches on your back at the same time, then like, four more times. It STINKS.

  • Magical arts
    Magical arts

    Its sad you can't wear makeup because of your reaction not because you need it but because you looked like you were enjoying wearing it

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear

    I hope Dr. Mike or any doctor has given you an answer by now. If all tests are normal, look into antivirals (herpes, including reactived chicken pox's as well as hsv1) can affect the eye and nerve of the face. Another thing is Mast Cell stabilizers (not just plain old antihistamines).

  • lucie Scammell
    lucie Scammell

    omg i had this but only on one eye for about a week and it went away after but never came back! it was horrible i couldn’t sleep it was hot and red and i was so scared it would spread so i feel ur pain cristine 🎀🤍but i still don’t know what it was to this day which is weird but luv from the uk ⭐️❤️

  • Hi I’m weird
    Hi I’m weird

    What’s her tik tok user

  • Bel Quis
    Bel Quis

    What if the cause is a tea?