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🎅❄️This is our annual Holodays collection!
❄️📦Holo Taco Frosted Metals Collection Box set (includes 5 polishes) - $65 (USD)
***LIMITED QUANTITIES of box*** holota.co/simplyfrosty
❄️💅 5 new metallic foil polishes - $13 each holota.co/simply-frosty
Note: The Collection Box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock of boxes. The individual polishes are not limited edition, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies are available. Make sure to grab your fave shades! #HoloTaco
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  • Dr. Ananya Haldar
    Dr. Ananya Haldar

    Christine's nails r d world's best models for any nail ad..period

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    Valeria Gonzalez

    Why do all the names make sense but not at the same time!???? I love it

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    Mahenoor Khan

    I want this so badlyyyyyyyy !!! That is my favourite version ever!!!!!! But I can't have this ;))

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    Octavia Dennison

    Why don’t u get any discount for buy the full set? I mean it’s cool u get the box n I kno they cost to make but usually I’d buy a whole set to get the discount

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan

      they are on saleee

  • julia bara
    julia bara

    Why is international shipping SOOOO EXPENSIVE? I really can't afford to buy nail polish for 100 dollars

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan

      she can’t do anything

  • julia bara
    julia bara

    Cristine why so serious

  • Tired Duck
    Tired Duck

    legit can't wait to see a new collection 😭

  • remvsg

    the combo with aurora was mesmerising.

  • Isabel Anne
    Isabel Anne

    Cheap champagne 🍾 Your video is honest and a breath of fresh air.

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    lumi tarigal

    are they environmental friendly? same with the glitters in the other nailpolishes.

  • Lilly Vasquez
    Lilly Vasquez


  • iiglitzii

    AHH CRISTINE! I BOUGHT SOME POLISHES FROM HALO TACO! I bought Play Rosè, Purple Slushie, Menchie the cat, Glossy taco and protective peel.

  • Liseth H
    Liseth H

    i recently bought fake date (along with other goodies) and i LOVEEEEE this color so much!!! the glass nail file is so good!!! turned my ballerina shaped nails into almond shape and it was effortless!!! i really love the products!!

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    Kayla Gladle

    I bought cheap champagne and then turned around and bought the rest because I loved it so much!

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    Eesha Kaushik

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    Tapi Tapi

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    Skylar Colbert

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    Deanna Singleton

    Just ordered cheap champagne... How do you feel about people using acrylic paint on their nails with a top coat?

  • Your hope C
    Your hope C

    i want to tell you HOW BEAUTIFUL your nail polishes are. My dad’s girlfriend ordered 6 nail polishes (holo taco) to me (4 nail polishes and top coat and base coat) and i absolutely LOVE them. They are so good. They dry fast, They look so good in lighting, they shine, and they look GORGEOUS. It also came fast to mail i guess it’s called?. And they might cost a lot or people might think that. But they are absolutely worth every. single. dollar/cent. And to anyone who is curious about if they are worth the money? The answer is a BIG YES. i love that they dry much faster then usual nail polish, i just need 2 coats of a nail polish so it look’s SOOOO GOOD. I also love the base coat and top coat. they dry fast. and the result is so sMoOtH. I really love your nail polishes!♡︎ And the nail polishes i got, were «Blue ain’t slick» and a green one that’s called «chameleon coar», «party punch» and i think «flakie holo taco» they are so good♡︎ I would say that if anyone is looking for nail polishes that are worth the money then you should absolutely order from her!

  • Antonia Anderson
    Antonia Anderson

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    Sase Fernández

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    Gabriela Campos

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    skzx. moonlxght

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    Kaytie Smith

    I got this set for Christmas from my father in law. I just did a one coat test on my thumb and OH MY GOD I cannot wait for all of my nails to look like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Cristine!!!!!

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    My husband got me this collection for Christmas! Flippin beautiful, thank you!

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    K. Pearl

    I’ve just been rewatching all your Holo Taco launch videos because the beautiful glittering foils/metallics/holo are mesmerizing and make me feel good

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    I laughed so hard at the pun!

  • Angela & Avery Presley
    Angela & Avery Presley

    This collection is GORGEOUS!!! Would you ever consider doing a crelly collection??

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    🙋🏽‍♀️ I get that reference 😂

  • Small Cake
    Small Cake

    Dear Christine, your metallic nail polish collection is a masterpiece, but I wonder why there is no mettalic pale gold shade? It feels like there a space for it too. You're the only one who can make a beautiful shade of nail polish in between silver and gold in astonishing quality!

  • HyelinChaelin

    omg I love when you put all the similar colors next to each other. It looks so satisfying and it really helps to choose which color is actually my favorite one. ♡♡♡

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    Hannah S

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    Please make a cat eye collection!!!

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    Makeup Because why not

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    Sofia D

    Literally all of your polishes are stunning definitely gonna ask for some this Christmas

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    L6Priya Kumar

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    xXHello I’m.A.CrocodileXx

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  • SamLes Creations
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    Random Stuff


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    Llama Party

    collection idea! what about a new years collection, it would have gold, silver. black and grey holo nail polish!

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    BA E

    I just purchased the collection as a gift to my niece! Delighted to finally have an excuse to purchase! I don’t wear polish because I have to keep my nails short-they break easily and the middle ones curve down when they get long.

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    Polly Foulkes

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    Savannah Morrison

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  • bergamotblonde

    I'd want to do an ombre nail that goes from silver to mint to blue. Actually I'd probably do just silver to mint ombre, cover up a triangle from the base of the nail (like a mountain peak) and apply blue towards the top for sky. Bob Rossin' my nails.

  • It's Me
    It's Me

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    Lili Corn

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    Austyn Reeb

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    Vibecat OFFICIAL

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