I Instruct My Boyfriend To Paint My Nails But In French
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  • Feubrune

    Re: the "neither male nor female" question. First my credentials: I'm non-binary, and while I was born in Germany, I lived in France for about 13 years, so I'm fluent in French, though it's a bit rusty since I moved back to Germany. Also, I'm doing my best to explain it as well as I can for those who don't speak French. There is no formally accepted gender neutral pronoun. As far as the académie française is concerned, there is only male and female. However, what Ben said about the gender binary is true, and so we've invented ways to refer to people in a gender neutral way. There is no "they/them" pronoun in French, but we do use neopronouns. The most common one is "iel", which is a combination of "il" (he) and "elle" (she). There are other ones, such as ael, ol, ille, but they're less common. "iel" is the most widely accepted one. Actually, Twitter has started incorporating "iel" into its French site recently, instead of writing "il/elle". Now, in French, every adjective and some verbs have a different ending depending on the gender of the noun, and again, traditionally, there's only male and female endings. Let's take an easy example: the adjective "petit", meaning small or young. The male form is "petit", the female form is "petite". What we do is just kinda mashing both forms together, and separating the male and female endings with a dot. So we would write "petit.e" instead of "petit/petite". This only really works in writing, though. When speaking, personally, I use the male form to refer to myself, because it's considered "less gendered" than the female form, if that makes sense? So when speaking, I'd say "quand j'étais petit" (when I was younger), but in writing I'd use "quand j'étais petit.e". /** Side note: the male form is considered gender neutral in a way because the male plural form of an adjective is used as an all encompassing plural form. For example, when there's a group with only men, you'd say "Ils sont petits". (They're small/short). When it's a group with only women, you'd say "Elles sont petites" (They're small/short). However, when there's both men and women, even when there's more women then men (even when there's only one man and the others are women), you always default to the male form and male plural pronoun. This is something that some of us try to avoid, though, and for a group with mixed genders, we started using the pronoun "iels" (a combination of "ils" and "elles") and the gender neutral form of the adjective. **/ This can get a bit clunky with longer adjectives, for example "heureux", which means happy. The male form is "heureux", and the female form is "heureuse", so the mashed together gender neutral form would be "heureux.se". But we don't have anything else at the moment and probably never will. Also, what I and a lot of other non-binary people tend to do is avoid using gendered language altogether. There are adjectives, for example, where the male and female form is the same. "jeune", for example, which means young. So, instead of saying "quand j'étais petit.e", I'll favor "quand j'étais jeune" because it flows better. This isn't always possible though, and requires a lot of mental gymnastics at times. So yeah, that was your short lesson on using gender neutral language in gendered langauges.

    • Atlantis13

      Thank you, I came to the comments just to see if there was an answer!

    • Zoe Marie
      Zoe Marie

      Mostly like spanish

    • Marie

      just wanted to add this is very new and only a few people use it because it is so complicated to write and it is probably not gonna change the fact women are paid 20% less however if you do not have a gender I guess it could help you feal comfy with your speach...

    • Anna Dejneka
      Anna Dejneka

      Yeah, its pretty much the same for Slavic languages. My native tongue is Czech and everything has a gender. Since we dont have any “neutral” pronouns, Ive heard non-binary people use the masculine form for themselves. It is probably the easiest way around this, since creating new forms is pretty hard in Czech. But I could be wrong because I never met anyone nonbinary. But, for English speakers, we dont see things gendered. Like, even tho chair in Czech is feminine, we dont really percieve it like that. Its just a chair. And genders are just a matter of grammar, which also helps the language to be richer and complex

    • Artemis015

      I say "eux". While it technically implies plurality, it basically translates to "they/them".

  • xraven_shadowx

    lol my name literly just has the last to letter swaped in french

  • Denisse Tan
    Denisse Tan

    The au fromage reminds me so much dexter’s laboratory. Basically the only french i know when i was a kid hahaha

  • aimee vargas
    aimee vargas

    Did she say /bilingyoual/

  • ༒Toxic Willow༒
    ༒Toxic Willow༒

    I never knew that I would be laughing at two adults screaming in a language I don’t even understand

  • Addie Falkner
    Addie Falkner

    I speech French

  • Mors

    how about an actually bakery tip, Go to them just before they are closing and you should be able to get some of the stuff that they would otherwise have to throw away for cheap.

  • Alina Marcean
    Alina Marcean

    Hey so i speak fluently French and when BEN started to conjugate every word i literally started to yell at him

  • Someone Idk
    Someone Idk

    Why does rules in French sound like rules in Swedish._.

  • Geeske

    Je viens de l'Allemagne et parle un peu le francais, mais je devais simplement dire qu'ils me rappellent beaucoup de mes camerades du cours de francais concernant l'accent c'est mdr anyways soo entertaining how they both were so confused about genders, meanwhile here in Germany, the little boy is male, but the girl is literally neuter (DAS Mädchen)?!?! (And the historically predominantly "male" piece of clothing, the trousers, is female (DIE Hose)) honestly I think they dont make much sense in any roman language

  • Miranda

    I am learning French in school and I have been for about 4 years. I was very proud of myself that I could pick up some of the words.

  • Broken Dictionary
    Broken Dictionary

    I did French for two years and the only thing I vividly remember is "Ne fume pas de chocolat chaud" Education is dead

  • Aries_thefiss23 xx
    Aries_thefiss23 xx

    At 2:14 you can hear zyler or menchie meowing

  • cxffee axdict
    cxffee axdict

    fax machine is télécopieur

  • Jordyn Jeffries
    Jordyn Jeffries

    I go to a French immersion in Ontario in St. Thomas🇨🇦

  • Rylie Voshel
    Rylie Voshel

    One of my Canadian friends know French and my other Canadian friend is learning it, this makes me kinda want to learn it now so I can talk to them in French but I know I'd suck at it and Spanish would probably be the easiest for me to learn

  • Mental Monday
    Mental Monday

    Ben conjugating the verbs gave me French class flashbacks

  • Jerom Lambrechts
    Jerom Lambrechts

    Like if you’re french

  • Savage 4Life
    Savage 4Life

    Me in French class: How u say this? 🤔 Cristine: “iT’s nOt A pRobLeM aNymOrE”🍌

  • Katherine Meader
    Katherine Meader

    yes pluarl

  • Catharine McLaren
    Catharine McLaren

    ben doing the verb conjugations is giving me life

  • Sonia Roy
    Sonia Roy

    Look I live right smack next to Christine (in Gatineau, QC) and she is really good! Happy to see her rocking our two official languages! ♥️

  • Josna Begum
    Josna Begum

    So i know a little bit of it

  • Josna Begum
    Josna Begum

    I am learnig french

  • Pintér Boglárka
    Pintér Boglárka

    “un petit fuck-up”

  • Sølar_ Draws
    Sølar_ Draws

    I’m a part of that 2.8% of Australians

  • Elise baumgartner
    Elise baumgartner

    you self given mark "b" is better than my French average

  • Katrina Taruc
    Katrina Taruc

    Oml So i couldnt sleep so like any reasonable human being I began entertaining myself by watching this and when ben started saying I NAIL YOU NAIL i let out the biggest laugh and i swear i just woke up the world

  • Hannah Hartung
    Hannah Hartung

    This is my favorite simply video

  • Hannah Hartung
    Hannah Hartung

    Ringtones aren’t even a thing anymore but I want Ben saying he doesn’t observe the rules as my ringtone

  • Lydia Boily
    Lydia Boily

    Je suis dans la même situation, mais à l'opposé. Je suis canadienne, québécoise. Je parle français et je comprend bien l'anglais! Super idée de vidéo !

  • dan

    Ben's way of coping with rejection: ALIENS ARE EXTRAORDINARY!

  • Soul Sisters
    Soul Sisters

    Christine: We are gonna stop cuz I probably efendet French people. Me: I dont think its u I think it bananaman aka beyyyynnnnnnn with the ChEeSe

  • Lena Knia
    Lena Knia

    funny... i'm one of that 413 polish people 💿

  • κιм иαмנαиα
    κιм иαмנαиα

    I speak french as a third language . I am half American half Egyptian so I am already fluent in English and in Arabic and I had to learn French in school . I have found a way to love it more than a school subject and speak it well .

  • ishtar0077

    Water marble in French please

  • Veronika

    11:23 and 12:46 YOUR WELCOME

  • Joel Van der Westhuizen
    Joel Van der Westhuizen

    Please do more thing like this in French it was so funny

  • ej rogers
    ej rogers

    this video has saved me from committing die twice. thank you

  • samanthew s. samathy
    samanthew s. samathy

    As a french viewer this is fun

  • Teagy Torch
    Teagy Torch

    I also speak German and I wish there was a video of exactly this but in german😂

  • Jessika Joers
    Jessika Joers

    Je n'ai jamais vu ce sondage, mais oui je suis aussi français You can put this in google translate

  • GiMmE aNiMe
    GiMmE aNiMe

    “Like my...behind” *”oK a Y”*

  • Ayla Kay
    Ayla Kay

    Nobody- Not even aliens- Ben speaking French- ChEeSe

  • Emil Hund
    Emil Hund

    I don't even speak my own native language...

  • Maia Dion
    Maia Dion

    Vive le Québec tabarnak

  • Cold Soba Weebs
    Cold Soba Weebs

    Simply: why are most professors French? Beyyn: cus then *their fawking depressed* Simply: no! Cus their smart!- Me: *chokes on air* *laughs uncontrollably*

  • box natsu
    box natsu

    French is honestly such an elegant and beautiful language am I wrong? 👹

  • Cora Anne
    Cora Anne

    Nobody: One of the cats at the beggening: MeOw!! 🔊🔊🔊

  • madison M
    madison M

    this intro are the colors of the pan flag

  • Mérédith

    Everything Ben says is so quotable it's amazing

  • Manuela Gutierrez
    Manuela Gutierrez

    You should do a video like that in Spanish or,something like that....😍😍😍

  • Agatha Anukhin
    Agatha Anukhin


  • Korotea X
    Korotea X

    I swear when she said 'mon petit chat' I thought she said 'mon petit chou' and ma'am that does not look like a cabbage

  • McKinney Smith
    McKinney Smith

    Spanish is that way too with gendering objects

  • Brianna Mitchell
    Brianna Mitchell

    The pan colors in the introoooo i love itttt

  • Aurélie Lavoie
    Aurélie Lavoie

    Si je peux augmenter le pourcentage de canadien-français abonné à ta chaîne ça me fait plaisir ! Je suis de Québec et c'est très bizarre vous écouté en français ! Bravo ! Vous êtes très bon ! :)

  • Caterina Roncalli
    Caterina Roncalli

    8 years in school, and I don't remember anything

  • Layla Jones
    Layla Jones


  • Leafy Kingdom
    Leafy Kingdom

    In Spanish a clans I’m taking if something is not gendered it’s used for both like “la joven” girl young “el joven” a young boy

  • Sal

    Ben conjugation random words brings me peace

  • Sal

    Yes mom I'm studying for my French IO shhhh

    • Sal

      Shit I'm 2 minutes in and my heart is broken

  • Damn Damien
    Damn Damien

    I can't remember how exactly but my grade 9 French teacher (bless her heart) found a way to use xe/xem in class for her two they/them students

  • Nilah Allen
    Nilah Allen

    I am french dont worry I'm not efended

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    I am german and in german christine is spell exactly like it is in french

  • Maelle Gorga
    Maelle Gorga

    Je suis dans les 0,8% wwooooooo

  • Izzy

    as a french gal, this is so fucking funny

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

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  • MisfitLuna

    Menchie falling asleep on Ben's shoulders is adorable! Such a sweet kitty!

  • Tessie Time
    Tessie Time

    i speak french

  • Teddy Dubois
    Teddy Dubois

    French viewers are here guys! Je vis dans le nord de la France et j'adore tes vidéos Chrrrrristine XD By the way, en français on dit: "merci de vous abonner à ma chaîne" Et aussi, c'est vrai que tous les objets en français ont un genre, c'est bizarre, c'est juste une façon de se distinguer des autres langues ^^ French is a weird and a difficult language. J'espère que vous allez bien! bisous = XO XO

  • Mariajosé Susaeta
    Mariajosé Susaeta

    11:20 is the best part, Ben is a savage 🤣🤣

  • Helen Scho
    Helen Scho

    🤣🤣🤣over the fax machine exchange

  • morgane dissart
    morgane dissart

    Je suis l'une de vos fan française et j'ai beaucoup aimer ta vidéo Cristine ❤️ love from France 🇫🇷

  • Laurine van der Linden
    Laurine van der Linden

    Not me learning more french in 1 youtube video than I did in 4 years of french in high school 💀

  • liligrace desmond
    liligrace desmond

    to answer bens question you would use male pronouns

  • paixxpaix

    As a french this is one of your funniest videos

  • Sydney Dircks
    Sydney Dircks

    Did anyone else hear the cat meowing during Ben talking about when he uses French.

  • Emily Harding
    Emily Harding

    un petite F UP 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eizy Espinoza
    Eizy Espinoza

    me: wow it's so amazing how Cristine can talk and understand two languages! how can she do it? also me: *watching and understanding an English speaking youtuber as a person with Spanish as her first language* I don't know why but when you see Cristine speaking French, it just seems more impressive hahaha

  • Grace Hanning
    Grace Hanning

    The fact that I literally just got a ad in French about crest toothpaste..

  • ItzGamerGirlGacha

    I wonder what my name sounds like in French?

  • ZombieGoddessxi

    The way ben wanted to do the tip would actually be really pretty with black.

  • Margaux Quief
    Margaux Quief

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  • Ava Kole
    Ava Kole

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  • chino Scott
    chino Scott

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  • chino Scott
    chino Scott

    Her normal English name:Cristine Her name in French:crústy

  • Celia Mitchell
    Celia Mitchell

    This is my last year of French I’ve been going to a French school, I’ve been going to a French school since kindergarten

  • Nele

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  • Mark Tuan Loves Clowns
    Mark Tuan Loves Clowns

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  • Mark Tuan Loves Clowns
    Mark Tuan Loves Clowns

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    • sngchnxluvs

      @Mark Tuan Loves Clowns a lot has happened In the past few months lmaoo- we be getting best ( encore ) content thoe :)

    • Mark Tuan Loves Clowns
      Mark Tuan Loves Clowns

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    • sngchnxluvs

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    gayathri raja

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  • Khiimera

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  • Save_the_trash_pandas

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  • Suzanne Aasheim-Sorensen
    Suzanne Aasheim-Sorensen

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  • Kreeper Senpai
    Kreeper Senpai

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    Many objects are gendered in Greek as well

  • Nalinka Fernando
    Nalinka Fernando

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  • ᴋᴀᴛ

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  • Pensive & Depressed Pineapple
    Pensive & Depressed Pineapple

    I took German for 2 years and for the life of me I could not remember Male, female, neuter, nominative, etc. Like what the seal?!