Reacting To My Old Pride Nail Art Video (and Recreating It)
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  • Ibuki Mioda
    Ibuki Mioda

    I have recently come out as Pansexual and I have only told my mum as she is the only non homophobic person in my family as my grandfather (on my mum’s side) is overly religious, my grandma and grandpa (on my mums side, my grandma remarried) are very traditional and would be horrified and my father is abusive and the most homophobic, discriminatory person I know so I can’t tell him. Not only that but I am non binary (born as a female though, the male species are a complete mystery to me) and I have Autism level 2 so I have been discriminated towards a lot by relatives, fellow students and even teachers. If you see someone who is suffering discrimination tell the local council or principle if at a school to prevent depression, sadness or suicide. And thank you, Cristine with no H, for always cheering me up with your smile, humor and personality. Even though you do not know me, you are one of the few people who have been helping me deal with my depression and anxiety by helping me smile and laugh all the time. Please never change into one of the pretentious snobs this world is full of. Also, as a member of the Pansexual club, I can tell you that saying holosexual is fine with me and all my friends.

  • Teddy Martin
    Teddy Martin

    I hate when I want to travel to a country but will probably be shot. (Bc everything I own is gay stuff)

  • lara bektore
    lara bektore


  • Bunny Petal
    Bunny Petal

    like 2 years ago i used to say i was holosexual as a joke n stuff im now an avid woman lover.

  • Misz

    Never seen a homophobic person in real life? Oh lord.. I gotta love to Canada! I’m in the red Midwest US 😭

  • domesticated hooman
    domesticated hooman

    so much has changed since 2015 for me, coming back to see this is so weird. i wasn't subbed to you then, and def would not have watched that vid bc I was a homophobic bastard. however now, I'm now a proud pansexual trans demiboy living my best life! love the nails

  • Mia

    Honestly I’m glad to get rid of jk Rowling. Never liked her.

  • boogara_baby _
    boogara_baby _

    As a pansexual teen, holosexual is not offensive!!! I find it quite funny actually 😄 😂

  • project starlight
    project starlight

    one of the girls at gymnastics is anti-gay marriage, and despite that we’re pretty close, so whenever i invite her to my birthday... let’s just say it’s very awkward whenever she sees my girlfriend.

  • SeaCub1_Gamez

    u should make a peely base that can have nail vinyls on top of it

  • Ella England
    Ella England

    #GayPride Bitch I was born in June I am Nonbianary and Lesbian!!! I AM A QUEEN!!!

  • NaluXV1


  • crunchyTEETH

    as a trans, aro man, it's honestly fine

  • Brooke Craven
    Brooke Craven

    2020 simply

  • Rose Friedman
    Rose Friedman

    I mean America is pretty gay

  • madison M
    madison M

    you are really the best 💖💖💖 i am sport and am apart of the LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  • elizabethpink


  • Elizabeth Mcgovern
    Elizabeth Mcgovern

    17:40 Who else was waiting for Liza to say 'YEAH'!

  • Angel

    I know this comment is very late but I just want to say that the ‘holosexual’ jokes weren’t offensive at all! I’m a closeted bi person and ever since I watched your channel all the way back from polish mountain, your humour made me incredibly happy during those times wherein I was extremely confused and mad. You really don’t have to apologise for anything Cristine, you’ve been an amazing ally imo :))

  • Sølar_ Draws
    Sølar_ Draws

    my non-binary ass gets a lot of discrimination and people call me a thing or other offensive names and this video made me happy

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    I would really like to see you do a video about disability awareness

  • cxffee axdict
    cxffee axdict

    this video was posted the day i realized I was a lesbian and the day before my birthday

  • M

    The one thing that seem gay and homophobic at the same time is the American pride flag-

  • Hhh_ Hhh
    Hhh_ Hhh


  • jasmine detrick
    jasmine detrick

    Is it just me or that bit of yellow on 19:29 is driving me crazy

  • milkycheerios Ss
    milkycheerios Ss

    Cristine is so so sweet she apologised for something is not as bad as many more influencers she is a good person and that’s why we love her

  • Yoshi

    as a bi trans male, i never found holosexual offensive! i actually really found it funny and enjoyable

  • Temperance B
    Temperance B


  • 》[Shattered Dreams]《
    》[Shattered Dreams]《

    Holosexual isn't really offensive Knowing that im questioning if i should be lesbian or Gray pansexual-

  • ForeverPolloXD


  • Lilli Harris
    Lilli Harris

    I find it nice that she supports the lgbtq+ community and recognizes that there are more then 1 pride flag also 2020 simply did it better

  • Haidee Bartlett
    Haidee Bartlett

    Menchi was so little:(((((

    • Haidee Bartlett
      Haidee Bartlett

      It’s funny how I watch her vidoes evey day and just re watch and I can never get bored:)

  • chino Scott
    chino Scott

    Well done 👏👏👏 you are now a leader of a cult called the holo tocos!!!! Please put me in a video (I am not being sarcastic I am the founder of this cult and Cristine is the leader) anyone who wants to join just like this comment!


      Im 99% sure you were not the person who started that. Ok sis, pop off, go in, you didnt have to snap so hard.

  • Ralphy Castelan
    Ralphy Castelan

    “I live in a a very liberal city... No one in my family Is against gay rights” please adopt me now

  • sseokul

    to anyone struggling to come out to friends/family/etc, it’s gonna be okay. i came out to my parents last year by leaving a note on the fridge and going to bed. this gives them time to process what you’ve written without expressing any intense emotions upon you. if anyone ever needs anything, and i mean anything, please please please feel free to leave any social media handle or other way of communication and i will happily help you. best of luck

  • gracemcourtney

    i love you

  • Jada Anderson
    Jada Anderson

    Old Cristine seems homophobic because she sounded sarcastic while filming. I think she was just nervous 😂

  • Hasti

    You know what though you addressing the lgbtq+ and homophobes saved you a lot.

  • GAY Bella bailey
    GAY Bella bailey

    Christine's lucky that she hasn't really met a real homophobic person in real life. I AM PANSEXUAL AND I AM RELATED TO A HOMOPHOBE....

  • Rose Gacha
    Rose Gacha

    peely bag?😞

  • -Boba _Buddies-
    -Boba _Buddies-

    Me- a trans, pan dude- *sees rainbow* WHERE IS THE PRIDE FLAG IN MY ROOM?

  • Perry Salvino
    Perry Salvino

    i’ll never tell: tells

  • that one psycopath
    that one psycopath

    It's good that this is a really nice community

  • Top-NotchDK

    The difference in polish quality is the biggest thing here for me. Please take my money! Now.

  • Geena Anderson
    Geena Anderson

    i found holosexual is more supportive towards us as a community because it helps us become more accepted

  • ew it’s Julian Angeles
    ew it’s Julian Angeles

    me:actually gay also me:i found this pleasantly colorful

  • Monster Energy Punk
    Monster Energy Punk

    You should do other pride flag nails too! I think it would be pretty. If u want. (Like trans flag, bi flag, enby, ect)

  • Mary Potter
    Mary Potter

    Nice to know queen of nail art is supporter of lgbtq+

  • Shnuggle Bugs
    Shnuggle Bugs

    Girl got educated. I love you so much, thank you❤️

  • Dumb Gay Enby
    Dumb Gay Enby

    Obviously I don’t speak for the whole community, but I personally don’t find the holosexual joke offensive

  • Addy Townsend
    Addy Townsend

    I’m having a really hard time coming out to my parents as either bi or pan (or something else ... haven’t figured that out yet) and this really helped me out. Thanks Christine!

  • Addy Townsend
    Addy Townsend

    You know, this all is important and stuff but...... WHY DOES SHE HAVE A WATER BOTTLE AND MUG AT THE SAME TIME??!!

    • Olivia Kingston
      Olivia Kingston

      The mug has tea and the bottle has water

  • Jade The Dragon
    Jade The Dragon

    I wanna say how much I love how Cristine explains how she learned and apologizes for how she acted in the past, yet she doesn't delete her old videos. This is why I hate cancel culture, cause people can learn and change, and this doesn't mean that any content they made in the past needs to be deleted, because it shows how people can change, and some people may still enjoy the content. Cristine is right, explaining things to people and helping them learn does so much more than just canceling them. Now that is said, as someone who has seen people get kicked out after coming out, as someone who didn't 100% get to choose when they came out to their family. I do not find Holosexual offensive in anyway, and I didn't find the joke where you said you were coming out as Holosexual offensive either, and I'm a bisexual non-binary person.

  • Anja Zizic
    Anja Zizic

    Am i the only one whos watching this in 2021

  • Jo

    I d'ont know why I got kinda sad when she did not play the ''wAddA Ya tHInk!?'' meme... LOL I am such a freak. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fearyprinsess

    Her: And not worry to much about them being Streght. Me: really again.

  • gracie Shields
    gracie Shields

    i live in a very republican small town in kentucky and believe me they’re are SO many anti lgbtq people around here and it’s disgusting. even people in my family are like that. i’ve never ever discriminated against anyone in the lgbtq community because i really don’t see any point in it. i’m also part of the lgbtq community so i greatly appreciate this video so much.

  • selene hernandez
    selene hernandez

    I used to see "Holo sexual" as a innocent joke about 4 years ago,

  • Isabella Bostwick
    Isabella Bostwick

    old simply: IF YOU'RE OFFENDED BY THIS..... me: *gay and offended by it* 👁👄👁 edit: not by holosexual lol, by the whole "MY GAY KITTEN" thing, because i don't love the idea of using the word gay just to be cute and fun

  • Leasha Riggs
    Leasha Riggs

    Oh and call us holo flakes k?

  • Leasha Riggs
    Leasha Riggs

    Im not the only one that supports the gays now am i?I? ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤵‍♀️👰‍♀️🤵👰



  • Celine G
    Celine G


  • Maggie Has no last name
    Maggie Has no last name

    The holosexual thing doesn’t even offend me and I’m bisexual and polygender

  • kayleigh Mcmyne
    kayleigh Mcmyne

    She should make 2020, but in nail polish form.

  • Tahlia

    This video just kind of made me grateful that there are so many people that aren't dumb and homophobic, I'm glad :) 🏳️‍🌈

  • Agnes Mina
    Agnes Mina

    Yep, I showered this week ^_^ 😛

  • Josie Murphy
    Josie Murphy

    I am soooo happy that she supports Lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 because I deal like a lot of youtuders are not and I am bi so I want to be expected

  • G Wall3r
    G Wall3r

    I am one of the 10% of the male species! 🍀

  • Temari Asazuki
    Temari Asazuki

    You should now recreate this using unicorn on some of the nails and mate top coat on the others! That would be awesome! Thanks for being an ally, and for having growth.

  • Draquar Delta
    Draquar Delta

    9:53 Well then you should have a talk with my dad and brother! 😃👍 (I support everyone on this earth. My family happens to be the only Homophobic/Transphobic Heterosexual people I know.)

  • Laura

    I just don’t understand why she didn’t put a holo taco over it

  • HypnoCat

    I don't believe holosexual was offensive at all, and judging by the comments, it doesn't look like anyone was offended. I've identified as bi but have been gradually questioning whether I've ever been attracted to men at all and I was just afraid of my homophobic mother. If we could make our pride flag just pure holo, I wouldn't complain. All-inclusive, includes every sexuality, every gender, the entire rainbow is there. It's perfect. (As I wrote about the holo pride flag, it originally started as a joke, but now that I think about it...)

  • GoldenArt Evie
    GoldenArt Evie

    Simply nailogical: holo everyone! Subtitles: Paulo everyone!

  • thenunnery

    My mom walked on me watching the part where it said "gonna be a homosexual nation 🎤🇺🇸" and she judged me

  • N M
    N M

    I am one of the male species and I have been a fan of you since 2015. Even though I don't really do nail art I have always enjoyed your humerous content. Honestly your one of my favourite youtuber

  • bri a
    bri a

    can we be offended not by lgbt rights but by the american flag though

    • Sara Heffernan
      Sara Heffernan

      yes I am offended that she ruined the pride flag with the American flag. (Im American btw) XD

  • Shelby Langer
    Shelby Langer

    Younger Cristine was SimplySavagelogical

  • zach voss
    zach voss

    I am a male species!

  • Milica Pejin
    Milica Pejin

    That is same person? Ok then...

  • Millie-Mae Ward
    Millie-Mae Ward

    So much has changed for lgbtq+ rights in the past 10 years and it seems that most communities and people I follow are surrounded by people who can except everyone no matter race, sexuality or gender and this is a giant improvement from what it was even just 5 years ago. It just shows that people are a lot more open minded these days

  • David Bui
    David Bui

    can we just notice how we got an apology video without anticipation? this is the epitome of apology videos that are truly genuine and that others *ahem tiktokers* need to reciprocate when they do theirs... i felt like i made no sense, you know what i mean tho?😭

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat

    So u support gay people what about furrys

  • Elli Grovis
    Elli Grovis

    How do I move to Canada

    • Sara Heffernan
      Sara Heffernan


  • Bella Tinnon
    Bella Tinnon

    I love that a lot of people support the community I spoke with my parents about it and they were very supportive of the discussion and they even asked if I felt anything and if I needed support but I told them no because I support them but I’m not apart of the community

  • Ariel Mackintosh
    Ariel Mackintosh

    This is my new moto if I’m not really sorry “I’m sorry... because I’m Canadian not because I’m sorry but because I constantly try to please you. So I’m sorry”

  • Hello Its Coco
    Hello Its Coco


  • Lucy

    As a bisexual, I never found the "holosexual" joke offensive because that's all it was, a joke.

    • Lucy

      @Kylo Ren yeah I know. It’s just a stupid little thing that she made up and people were getting pressed for no reason

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren

      It’s not even really that, it’s just a stupid thing Cristine made up to define herself and it wasn’t made in mockery of lgbt so there’s really no problem with it lol

  • Marissa Zang
    Marissa Zang


  • Max and Cheese
    Max and Cheese

    Cristine: what do you think? Me: WHERE IS THE MONTAGE

  • Brandy Mayes
    Brandy Mayes

    Every video I see now I notice if the polishes are in rainbow order. Lol I like it much better by brand...

  • Esme Wood
    Esme Wood

    I feel like we all just need to be more loving towards others, strangers or not...

  • Sophie Jordan
    Sophie Jordan

    It was a crime that Cristine didn't include the waddya think edit

  • Spxxdy10

    I really want to know the songs that she has in the background

  • Sadie Gabany
    Sadie Gabany

    Me being american and also being bi, havent came out yet (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  • Rima Youssef Ali
    Rima Youssef Ali

    they both look good

  • Ellie mae
    Ellie mae

    christine i love you so much but this is the only time i will dissagreee with you my opinion might seem biast but in my opinion yes black lives matter but so do all lives and yes black lives are being targeted this year but that doesnt mean the samll amount of people who support it and are willing to hurt people for that reason, now that, i think is wrong like if you agree

    • Breadsticks from Olivegarden
      Breadsticks from Olivegarden

      We know all live matter but Black lives matter right now. Pro black is t anti White

    • Sara Heffernan
      Sara Heffernan

      I dont agree with you and im not Cristine but I wanted to thank you for being respectful and not just leaving a hate comment, but explaining your opinion. :)

  • Spnxy

    I’m the male species

  • Lesboto Hi
    Lesboto Hi

    thank you for supporting the LBTQ+ trump took our rights but Biden is putting them back

  • Claire Orlando
    Claire Orlando

    As a Demi Pan teenager I don’t find your jokes offensive I find them quite funny also your are being very respectful.

    • Claire Orlando
      Claire Orlando

      Demi sexual

    • QueerPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red
      QueerPersono, Yes, I listen to girl in red

      Sorry I just curious, which Demi? Demisexual or Demi boy/girl

  • Natasha Barron
    Natasha Barron

    I had to skip to the nail art because I was going to cry because I loved how she was so helpful