I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair: The Horror Movie
This is what happens when you quarantine together💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    Holo everyone! Glad you're amused by Beyyyyn cutting my hair💀💀💀 Just uploaded deleted scenes on my second channel Simply Not Logical! Watch to see what I CUT✂️ (haha ok bai): uzload.info/fun/r4eqoXi1r4eJnac/video

    • Gavin James
      Gavin James

      @Corey Milan I will try it out right now. Looks to be working :)

    • Corey Milan
      Corey Milan

      Dunno if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hack ;)

    • Cat girl Cat meow
      Cat girl Cat meow

      Holo 🐱 ✨ 💿

    • mandi bartlett
      mandi bartlett

      As someone who’s hair is upper thigh length I totally understand the emotional attachment you have to your hair. I was having major anxiety watching Ben just wildly snip at the ends but it didn’t look too bad afterwards

    • Martina Debelak
      Martina Debelak


  • Sophia Jenks
    Sophia Jenks

    Simply snail logical 😂😂😂😂😂 I caaant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kenzie

    why did you call joanna “joanna epstein” 😭😭😭

  • Shaux Nough
    Shaux Nough

    I legit started singing, “Who’s that Beyyn la la lala lala lala lalala”. Issa bop!

  • Melisa Moore
    Melisa Moore

    Actual footage of my cutting my husbands hair every month.

  • Lulu & Elle
    Lulu & Elle

    . I

  • Sammy Mullins
    Sammy Mullins

    Honestly before I became a fan I honestly truly thought your name was simply snailogical I think I even heard them refer to you as that on Clevver

  • penny

    ben's bald spot is in the shape of a heart 😂🍌

  • Tonii Douglas
    Tonii Douglas

    NoBOdy ACTualLy nEEDs A hAirDREsseR. Me, a hair dresser: your hair lightens over time due to wear and tear and exposure to elements, on average only grow half a foot a year, also Cristine, you need to chop off about a foot and it bothers me in every video that you live with that kind of breakage all the time when your hair could just look fucking AMAZING. Also, Ben, brush from the bottom of the hair up. But no, you don’t need a hairdresser, who’s only studied this shiiiiiiit. PFFT.

  • Toni Chacon
    Toni Chacon

    I just saw the intro and as a licensed cosmetologist..... my heart SHATTERED. 😂

  • Denise_Hbé _
    Denise_Hbé _

    hOw is this 9 months agOooo

  • Julie Long
    Julie Long

    Plz cut it shorter she said cut in the thumbnail and this is a trim

  • • Durva •
    • Durva •

    My dad just cutted my hair day before yesterday....

  • Yaa

    What is this evil thumbnail

  • Libby Brezak
    Libby Brezak


  • Vilma Melva
    Vilma Melva

    The milky cloth neurologically disagree because plastic dentsply damage concerning a discreet thermometer. unnatural, languid payment

  • Madd Black
    Madd Black

    Your hair definitely wouldn't still have dye in it from 7 years ago. If it did, it would be the absolute tiniest amount. A hairs lifetime is about six years, and after six years it normally falls out. The reason why it's lighter at the ends could be because of sun exposure ( my natural hair is also a different color at the roots and at the ends when it's long) and it's very normal with long hair like yours. All those years of exposure to sun and other elements change it a lot, from shade to texture.

  • ginger biscuit sketches
    ginger biscuit sketches

    8:14 She looks like she’s about to properly kiss him but doesn’t want to on camera 🥺

  • Muria Mcdonald
    Muria Mcdonald

    The callous creek resultspreviously bounce because paul longitudinally rob without a abhorrent dress. simple, panoramic hell

  • CarleeJo Blumenthal
    CarleeJo Blumenthal

    No matter how many times I watch this video Ben’s approach to cutting Cristine’s hair fills me with so much anxiety. His energy with those scissors is concerning

  • Sophia JF
    Sophia JF

    Beyyyyyn: It's like 30 inches now Cristine: What was it before? Beyyyyyn: **nervous laughter**

  • Sabrina Spurgin
    Sabrina Spurgin

    Shes a modest simply menchi

  • c_ ameron
    c_ ameron

    My gf legitimately just let me cut her hair that was really long to her shoulders actually did a decent job

  • ZombieGoddessxi

    I cut my hair dry all the time Cristine. It’s fine.

  • ASMRfloss


  • DatGayDangerNoodle

    i LiKe ClAy

  • The Kpop Girl :3
    The Kpop Girl :3

    I like How bens just chilly, and shes up in the Red lvl ;)

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    gowri m suresh

    5:00 best beyyn line ever😂

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    Lynnie V

    Ben! You are a 10 for sure!

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    Gees Momma

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    Gees Momma

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  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    It takes me like 3 minutes to straighten my hair....

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    "An inch. Maybe 2" *holds up at least 4 inches.* Ben cuts like 3 hairs *STAHP!*

  • Nicole Montenegro
    Nicole Montenegro

    "It's fine I'll... Clean it up" that sounded like you murdered someone 😂

  • izabela Rodrigues
    izabela Rodrigues

    Dont ever cut your long hair short 😭 I made this mistake in quarantine I went from 27inches to like 6inches 🥲💔

  • Urte Uzkurnyte
    Urte Uzkurnyte

    simply snail llogical

  • spozbucket

    Also this reminds me of the time my friend said she'd cut 4 inches of hair off my hair and cut 11! Aaaaagh.

  • spozbucket

    Oh Ben you are a ten 💚 whereas that self loooove

  • Milk :D
    Milk :D

    I just noticed that when Cristine did the blue screen on ben’s towel thing, the blue toned nail polishes on the shelves blended in too :0

  • Abby Buick
    Abby Buick

    you should have given beyyyn a mullet!

  • Ana Fdez
    Ana Fdez

    Ben is my standard for dating. Only Ben status is acceptable

  • Saffiyah La-Page
    Saffiyah La-Page

    who else saw the back ground and realized how organized her nail polishes are

  • Adrian vaughn
    Adrian vaughn


  • Leah Dewar
    Leah Dewar

    ‘I think we should all shave out heads so it’s a lot less trouble’ *me having shaved my head 15 minutes before clicking on this* 👁👄👁

  • Becca.Bender37

    You can donate dyed hair btw. just gotta look for the right place

  • EmilyCocoBread

    0:57 with subtitles is ‘man baby’

  • Marie Erikson
    Marie Erikson

    You can tell they're Canadian because they don't know how long an inch or two is 😂

  • Disjointed TeddyBear
    Disjointed TeddyBear

    go to the very beginning and slow it down all the way to 0.25

  • InsaneCake

    The way Cristine is cutting Beyyyn’s hair is making me soooo uncomfortable 😂 what is that fast “swish” upwards movement?? Use a wider guard woman!!

  • Matijana Jugović
    Matijana Jugović

    Omg joana ceddia wowwowow i know its 2021 but idc ..hope u doing ok bye

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    Alhena Carter Year 3

    you did a good job

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    sanchari mondal

    How many nail polish she has😱😱😱😱

    • Autumn Strecker
      Autumn Strecker

      More than 300

  • Hayley Engel
    Hayley Engel

    Ben: Don’t spread these rumors! I don’t have a hairy ass Christine: *simply skeptical*

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    Danica Fletcher


  • Atre Bodnárová
    Atre Bodnárová

    "Hey, it looks exactly the same!" "I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Drawing with Rex
    Drawing with Rex

    I’m so happy when cristen corrected herself and said “short hair” instead of “men’s hair” it made me very happy 😊

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    Timi Dirnea


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  • Simply Dog Logical
    Simply Dog Logical

    The pure terror in the, BEN STAHP!

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    Eme Knowles

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  • Eme Knowles
    Eme Knowles

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    Miss Browny

    Snailogical wins

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    mary hill

    At the begining when she yelled bennnn stooppp it's as so funny and she also looked like me when I'm scared and about to cry lol

  • Tsukipie

    Cristine: *does whatever she wants even if Ben says no* Ben: *cuts a few inches of Cristines 4ft long hair* Cristine: BENNNNN 😠😭

  • Gemma Carbert
    Gemma Carbert

    @bradmondo simplysnailogical

  • Lexi But Better
    Lexi But Better

    Actually centers are accepting dyed hair now. Still don’t have to donate but it’s good to know.

  • Mimi Rose
    Mimi Rose

    Fun Fact: I've never been to a salon, my mum ALWAYS cuts my hair and she also cuts everyone else in the house's hair

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    Elizabeth Bathon

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    Sean Joaquin

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    ashley p

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    ava alexander

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    Zoe McGuire

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    Crochet by Madie

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    Just a little human

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    Bunny World

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    Stella Dunlap

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    Abul Khayer

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    Olivia Nichols

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    Leslie Martinez

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    Joel Schumann


  • I dont like cream cheese on sushi
    I dont like cream cheese on sushi

    Crazy she has hair just like mine, same texture and length and same color too. I have very fine texture hair but a decent amount makes it annoying with knotting up easily but it is super soft. I just cut the same amount not too long ago too same amount lol we be hair twins

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    Cold Soba Weebs


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    Ninja 1082

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    Josette Fret

    There are actually some people who can't have clippers used on their heads, so the cosmetologist will have to use the scissors over comb technique to get it really short. It's a pain.

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    If you do decide to donate your hair, donate it to some place like Wigs For Kids instead of Locks of Love.

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Ryan Gosling is meh. Jensen Ackles is where it's at.

  • Luis Erosa Marfil
    Luis Erosa Marfil

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  • Eliana Wilson
    Eliana Wilson

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