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💿🌮💅🌈H O L O T A C O R A I N B O W C O L L E C T I O N
NOW AVAILABLE: holota.co/simplyrainbows1
***UPDATE JUNE 13: The Collection Box set sold out in under an hour after launch😳 Thank you guys for your support💞***
🌈 📦Holo Taco Rainbow Collection Box set (includes 7 polishes) - $98 (USD) ***LIMITED EDITION and LIMITED QUANTITIES of box*** (comes with free 3-pack of Nail Art Sponges) holota.co/simplyrainbow
🌈💅 7 new linear holographic polishes - $14 each holota.co/simplyrainbows1
🧽 6-pack of Nail Art Sponges - $3 www.holotaco.com/products/nail-art-sponges-6-pc
Note: The Collection Box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock of boxes. The individual polishes are not limited edition, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies and materials are available. Make sure to grab your fave colours!
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  • kobe Charles
    kobe Charles

    I have been debating on getting this collection since it came out 😂 but it’s so expensive to get the whole thing and ship it to Canada smh 😂😂 i really want it tho!

  • _aLtEr_eG0_ O
    _aLtEr_eG0_ O

    Just got quarantined and this made me happy

  • Angie Mono
    Angie Mono

    I wanna eat them

  • Jiro’s Spotify Premium
    Jiro’s Spotify Premium

    "Theses are expensive to make" *proceeds to pour nail polish onto the table*

  • ophélia

    the box is literally a rainbow on a rainbow

  • Cath

    This collection is my favorite of them all. I’m not good at painting my nails, but the formula is so smooth, and it makes it so easy! All the shades are so beautiful! 🥰❤️

  • Briana Higgins
    Briana Higgins

    I wish my mom would let me buy this 😭😭

  • Snoozey OREO
    Snoozey OREO

    The fellow lgbtq people watching this : hello lgbtq community ~

  • LuvTortyz

    I find the formula of these polishes very good for beginner-level gradient nail art.

  • Boopy Schmoops
    Boopy Schmoops

    I recently used these polishes and as a total nail polish noob I was amazed at how easy they were to use and how darn pretty they are, these singlehandedly got me into painting my nails lol

  • arcoiris

    Nobody: Me to my math teacher: Linear Functions??? I only know Linear Holo???

  • Yamini West
    Yamini West

    This is literally the perfect thing. Thr only nail company i will buy from now. Im overjoyed i found this collection. This is exactly everything's I was looking for. Plus the nail basics kit, the nail care kit, and the sponge pack. Everhthing i could ever need. Will be using for my wedding. I hope one day she does a creme rainbow collection in case someone wants the same colors but a different glitter skin

  • Sowmya Rengarajan
    Sowmya Rengarajan

    Me: It's all soooo aesthetically pleasing!! Cristine: Don't lick the rainbow Me: Ah, now it's like a "Cristine" video

  • Chef Sporty
    Chef Sporty

    i’d make joe’s gradient

  • Emily N
    Emily N

    Hey I just had an idea, is there such thing as a caricatures nail polish? Like a transparent nail polish that you put on top of a base that has maybe little faces on it or starts and hearts or whatever, like with holo nail polish, but instead of holographic particles this one would have more constructed pieces

  • Siddarth Suresh
    Siddarth Suresh

    is the zyler nail polish the same thing as the orange nail polish?

    • Siddarth Suresh
      Siddarth Suresh

      @Riya G its essentially the same color with a different effect

    • Riya G
      Riya G

      No, Zyler's polish is part of a different collection, and it is a glitter polish, not a linear holo.

  • Efrain Gomez
    Efrain Gomez

    I'm a guy and absolutely need this 😍😍

  • Lolli

    so cristine has released more nail polish, made more video content, recorded podcasts, and works her day job, and yet i cant even write a few essays. she is amazing, periodt.

  • Ya local Weeb
    Ya local Weeb


  • The Te
    The Te

    Simply on one side: Can’t hide a rainbow collection. Simply on the other side: Can hide a one year HOw laOnG dOEs ToE PoLisH LasT?!?

  • Valerie Michel
    Valerie Michel

    The green is my favorite I think it'll be my first polish I need to refill

  • Shannon Cross
    Shannon Cross


  • Abeeha

    Moriah Elizabeth where are you

  • Abeeha

    Moriah where are you

  • Leah

    Just got my rainbow🌈 collection and the red looks like ruby slipper red! Wowza! ❤️

  • Zoe Coad
    Zoe Coad

    I need these for pride!!

  • Marie M.
    Marie M.

    Most important question for me personally: I can get those polishes as a German living in Germany? I really really want this s***

    • No

      Yes, they ship to Germany

  • Audrey Trofanenko
    Audrey Trofanenko


  • emma

    recently got back into watching ur vids. i became a fan in 2016 and glad to see your company doing so well! also good on u for donating cristine ❤️

  • Amanda Uy
    Amanda Uy

    does anyone else realize that lemon sucker is the only shade that doesn't have the color of the nail polish shade in its name?

  • ThatChaoticRavenclaw

    Also great if you wanna do your Hogwarts House colors. Hufflepuff - Lemon Sucker 💛 Ravenclaw- Blue Freezie💙 Gryffindor- Red licorice❤️ Slytherin- Green Taffy 💚

  • C 31 Siddhasankalpa
    C 31 Siddhasankalpa

    Holo 🌮

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff


  • Samriddhi Dwivedi
    Samriddhi Dwivedi

    Holo taco has a great quality and many colours to choose from As per me it ia 5 star brand

  • Serena Twombly
    Serena Twombly

    I own so much green nail polish, because I have been looking for the perfect shade for years. So many green polishes lean teal/blue! Thanks for making my perfect green shade, Cristine!

  • Adithi Mahesh
    Adithi Mahesh

    Props for putting 7 Colours and not 6. THERE ARE SEVEN COLOURS IN THE RAINBOW PEOPLE. SEVEN!!!!

  • Rsweeneybrg Mo
    Rsweeneybrg Mo


  • Kaylee Riddle
    Kaylee Riddle

    uzload.info/fun/pWypZ2XdxIec35s/video you need to see her colection of your polish line

  • anna Lewis
    anna Lewis


  • Payal Thakur
    Payal Thakur


  • Niyati Baviskar
    Niyati Baviskar

    Green with envy! The new Multi chrome collection!

  • Ankita Shelke
    Ankita Shelke

    I really wonder how you manage so many jobs together. Being a cat mother, have a day job, manage 2 nail and fun channels and also start such a successful nail polish brand where you yourself take pictures for advertisement. I am in college right now but I can't wait to earn money and buy your nail polish set!! You truly are my role model. Love from India ❤

  • hannah carovinci
    hannah carovinci


  • MindTheGap

    I just love how passionate Cristine is about nail polish! I think it's a goal in life to find something you're so passionate about!

  • Kala Bell
    Kala Bell

    When are you going to do a creme rainbow? Oooo in dark and pastel shades too Please please please please 🥺🙏🥺🙏🥺 Imagine the ombre gradeiant 🤤

  • KatThorn

    Now you know why the rainbows are sold out. She got 2 boxes

  • RexiLiLbean

    Alrighty, I’m getting this for my best friend for Christmas bc she loves your videos and so do I and that she’s gay lol 😂

  • Nancy Mendez
    Nancy Mendez

    dose it kill anybody else to see so much precious holo taco wasted on the intro

  • Baylee Baxter
    Baylee Baxter

    We love a UZloadr who is nice and puts her money where her mouth is 🥰

  • Sherrie Asbury
    Sherrie Asbury

    Do u make this nail polish urself?

  • Devani Renee Ortman
    Devani Renee Ortman

    Here’s what colored nail polish remind me of: Red polish: Ruby Lips Orange polish: Orange Slushie Yellow polish: Banana Popsicle Green polish: Emerald Eyes Blue polish: Ocean Blues Purple polish: Iced Amethyst Magenta polish: Grape Jelly

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    Thinkin' bout painting... A. My BMX bike. and, B. My SHOES! I want some RUBY shoes dog.

  • Sara Takkoush
    Sara Takkoush

    Can't believe she launched Rainbow Multi chrome And metallic all within 6 months And 2020 of all years...

  • dan jay
    dan jay


  • Grungeweeb_90

    Yasss something gay🌈🌈🌈

  • Mr Phil
    Mr Phil

    My name is Zoe and I need that color collection because I have a birthday party and I do rainbow themed and I want my friend to appreciate when I got her in our address is 16001 Warwick Road

  • Mr Phil
    Mr Phil

    Hi whoever is your name and I’m wondering if I can have that that rainbow collection if that’s OK with you it doesn’t have to come in a package I just want to like the colors.

  • nakea simone
    nakea simone

    $14.00 for the set? That’s actually not bad. I just dropped 29.00 on a gel nail polish set. btw do you think you will ever have gel polish holo???

  • Angelina Blenman
    Angelina Blenman

    These nail polishes are so beautiful! Is there a coupon code I can use?

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Rainbow holooooooo

  • Adlee Brinda
    Adlee Brinda


  • Z R
    Z R

    Simply? What rainbow has 5 colors? The rainbow has always had 7 colors.ROYGBIV When has it ever had 5 colors?

    • Kelsey

      She was taking about how her collections are typically 5 polishes but this one has more for the rainbow.

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S

    The things I would do to have a relaunch for this collection. I’m late in the holo taco game but this collection is everything

    • Kelsey

      The polishes are permanently on the wwbsite. It was just the box that was limited edition.

  • \little Nugget\
    \little Nugget\

    The orange tho 😍

  • Random Shizzle
    Random Shizzle

    Cristine should make lemon nail art with lemon zucker

  • Sami Dalton
    Sami Dalton


  • Harry Halle
    Harry Halle

    u don't do shipping to Vietnam , that's so sad Christine 😦😰🏳️‍🌈

  • Mcky McObvious
    Mcky McObvious

    I ordered the set less than an hour after she posted this video and they must not've had hardly ANY boxes cuz they were already out of the collectors box :( the polishes are amazing tho

  • Elanora-lynn

    I've been subscribed for a year and I'm just know watching this channel

  • Infusion Health
    Infusion Health

    Have you thought about a comparison to this company uzload.info/fun/bJV9f6PPo3pqymg/video

  • Renaldi Kota
    Renaldi Kota

    Do you guys ship holo taco to India

  • Ashlee Matus
    Ashlee Matus

    We need a holo space taco!!!!

  • Mercedes

    Thank you💖 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾

  • Eugenia Lopez
    Eugenia Lopez

    8:09 now i want a popsical

  • Mystik Monark
    Mystik Monark

    Will these holo boxes ever come back?!?!?!?

    • Mystik Monark
      Mystik Monark

      @Kelsey I know, but I'm just wondering if it's miraculously possible that she'll come out with a special edition box relaunch??? Wishful thinking?

    • Kelsey

      No, they were limited edition

  • Arpita Shevade
    Arpita Shevade

    Why isn't it available in india

  • ammzz mak
    ammzz mak

    Taste the rainbow - skittles

  • Potato Maximus
    Potato Maximus

    loving the transparency! It's such an important part of a company, I'm sooooo proud uwu.

  • please kindly help me reach 1000 subs
    please kindly help me reach 1000 subs

    magenta jelly,purple slushie,orange drink and red licorice is soooooo pretty♡

  • Uselessly_Trash 2028
    Uselessly_Trash 2028

    *just because it's not marketed for pride, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it while I'm showing my pride.* (Yes, it's been almost half a year since june, but whatever)

  • Mac Tilghman
    Mac Tilghman

    I wanna get my nails done by her 😣

  • Ka.smiley in Hawaii
    Ka.smiley in Hawaii

    Damn she just blew my mind

  • Adhya Kejriwal
    Adhya Kejriwal

    it just made me so happy when she said, "vegan, cruelty free"

  • Miyo Lo
    Miyo Lo

    Christine’s honesty and not wanting to use lgbtq and pride month to gain extra coins is just amazing

  • Ferchyz­­­­­­­­ cv
    Ferchyz­­­­­­­­ cv

    No shipping to Mexico!!??? 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Courtney Wuerz
    Courtney Wuerz

    i love that she also released this during pride month :)

  • Becker

    I recently got a few of the shades and even though they're meant to be a summer collection, Orange Drink is the best fall shade, because it looks like pumpkins.

  • Sam

    We love SimplyFacts

  • abby ferrell
    abby ferrell

    Er met ger

  • Elina Valentina
    Elina Valentina

    the scenes where shes wasting the nail polish :((((

  • Elina Valentina
    Elina Valentina

    when i ordered a holo polish it came all dirty with holo all over the handles :(

  • NA & L
    NA & L

    I've painted my nails 3-6 times this channel makes me want to paint them again 😭😂😅

  • Arrowflight

    Literally insane the price you charge for these. I'll stick to the sally Hanson.

    • Arrowflight

      @Heather M i have no problem supporting someone that is an amazing person, how ever she isn't hurting for cash and she has a real job.

    • Arrowflight

      @Heather M see that's the point, It's not inferior in anyway, its the same formula. The chipping, wearing are all the same. That's what you don't get, i bought one of her super expensive nail polishes, i tried it before i posted.

    • Heather M
      Heather M

      Have fun with your inferior quality nail polish ❤ I'd rather have a quality product and support a genuine person

  • Amanda Klepsvik
    Amanda Klepsvik

    Nail polish stand to display you'r holo taco collection. Dotting tool, nail vinyles cleanupbrush.

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :)

  • Aidai Sevigny
    Aidai Sevigny

    Too bad I’m broke...

  • greenetaa aa
    greenetaa aa

    Maaan I was waiting for her to name the yellow one "banana beyn"

  • R.I.P Robert Richter Parks
    R.I.P Robert Richter Parks

    SO! It’s a rainbow within Rainbow TACO? By the way Mrs. TACO, i’m a guy. AND i’m using you’re TACO’S! Perhaps you could work on some more masculine colors that could appeal to the male audience 😋 Oh and, I’m definitely going to lick them rainbow TACO’S

  • Loren Simpson
    Loren Simpson

    shorturl.ca/xxxcool711lady ඔහු ලිව්ව

    • Radish


  • Linette Hudson
    Linette Hudson

    shorturl.ca/xxx292finlandsexlive කුමක්දනීල් පවසයිඒ තුළඔබමගේවටිනා කාලය නාස්ති කරන්නේ ඇයි හඬ