I Broke My Nail Again
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  • Allie Authement
    Allie Authement

    Simply’s dad: “candy who??”😂

  • Tracy Seng
    Tracy Seng

    Her nails are officially orange now😂😂😂 at least in the recent vids

  • Keira Dzwonkowski
    Keira Dzwonkowski


  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer

    My Nana Tess is worse then you Cristine LOL.... if she breaks a nail she has (even at her work) everyone down on their hands and knees looking for the broken nail and glues it back on when they find it... lmao..... funnily enough i understand when you break a nail.... but i understand Jen too, its a nail it'll grow back LMAO...... i just felt the need to tell you that you arent the only crazy nail lady out there LOL

  • June Junebug
    June Junebug

    Girls & Dad : OK?.... Rob : OMG WHAT?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThãtGamêrGìrl x
    ThãtGamêrGìrl x

    Cristine: *breaks nail* Young 6 year old me: MUMMY MY PINKY NAIL FELL OFF MY FINGER ( it actually did it took months to grow back😭 I was traumatised ,I mean we went to a doctor the day before it fell off )

  • Legend 20
    Legend 20

    The holo gods will send their blessings

  • Casey Logan
    Casey Logan

    You and your sister look EXACTLY alike..(in my opinion.)

  • Emily Oldham_doughnuts penguins holo tea
    Emily Oldham_doughnuts penguins holo tea

    Cristine: I BROKE MY NAIL! Me: ME TO!😭😭😭😭

  • Alexander Agnew
    Alexander Agnew

    8:03 the fact that Say So is playing

  • Danni allard
    Danni allard

    Hi :)

  • Kiwi ツ
    Kiwi ツ

    Are her nails like her children.

  • Aspen doo !
    Aspen doo !

    Christine saying I like having friends like you in this time. Me being like wait when was this made.😷😷🦠

  • Dani Brooks
    Dani Brooks

    My dad would hang up on me😂😂😂

  • נועם ורסנו
    נועם ורסנו

    i love who your dad just wait for you to stop talk bc now you are talking candy crush :))

  • Melanie Esquivel
    Melanie Esquivel

    The nails be like 'If you die , we all die!'

  • Ivan Perez
    Ivan Perez

    6:39 lol me lmao

  • Peyton Llewellyn
    Peyton Llewellyn


  • Andrada M.
    Andrada M.

    Romanian deadlift?🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  • manicEliksni

    legit question: are there like, thimbles for all fingers that can protect long nails when doing everyday tasks? or gloves that do the same?

  • Kayla K
    Kayla K

    Omg Matt has the most Ottawa Valley accent. I love it.

  • Draw with Me
    Draw with Me

    3:17 Christine and she doesn’t understand a word.😂 „Yeah, the Time, the Time🧐😂“

  • EdgarSketches

    She prob just was picking her nose and sneezed at the same time xD

  • Les Bangtan Boyz 101
    Les Bangtan Boyz 101

    Fuck it I just cut my nails.

  • Adina playz_Adopt me
    Adina playz_Adopt me

    I just can't with the translator when she said can you see,"it translated "Casey Casey," 👁️👄👁️

  • Pat Sca
    Pat Sca

    just binging simply nailogical wishing i were brave enough to wear polish 😔

  • NaomiJohanesen

    We found the queen of nail breaking 😭 👑 😂 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Pepper Leaves
    Pepper Leaves


  • Faith Pratt
    Faith Pratt

    I love how Matt has excepted and given advice to Christine‘s weirdness 🤣🤣🤣

  • Glitchy Milk
    Glitchy Milk

    Kristine: broke a nail Me: *i stabbed a compass in my nail* This is true for your information

  • BeautyBeast 20xx
    BeautyBeast 20xx

    Not me screaming at her to fill it with acrylic the hole time

  • hoBi spriTe
    hoBi spriTe

    You’ve got cutepolish nails now

  • lpsrainbow 1
    lpsrainbow 1

    A warning she should have lower nails. Jk jk

  • Samantha Spragg
    Samantha Spragg

    Tell your friend hi and I'm sorry about the nail break 💔

  • ReGuLar wEiRdO
    ReGuLar wEiRdO

    I broke my nail today and couldn’t save it so I’m making a funeral for it now

  • Translating ‘
    Translating ‘

    My dad's on 4947

  • Elaine

    is it bad that i'm watching all of Simply's videos, and eating popcorn at 2:27 am?

  • Kristina Isgrig
    Kristina Isgrig

    New tragic family death😭

  • I have no clue either
    I have no clue either

    Cristine is destined to break her nail every 2 years

  • Kris Rockwell
    Kris Rockwell

    Safiya and Tyler have the exact same "awww." They're settling into marriage well.

  • Alexis But Dumber
    Alexis But Dumber

    Her dad: wow, that’s terrible Also him : 🙂

  • Stacy Adams
    Stacy Adams

    There face when they hear she has some bad news looks so scared. Then they find out its a broken nail aawwwwwwwwww!!

  • H o l y D a C o c o N u t YT :D
    H o l y D a C o c o N u t YT :D


  • it's gracie
    it's gracie

    Cristine in canada: holo friends Cristine in hawaii: maholo friends

  • A’aliyah Durisseau
    A’aliyah Durisseau

    OMG This was on my birthday☺️

    • Zerdil Yetke
      Zerdil Yetke

      Happy Birthday

  • Julie Josefsen
    Julie Josefsen

    I litterly broke my nail while whatching this

  • Aleena Ali
    Aleena Ali

    Cristine has spelled Safiya’s name wrong 😑

  • Colorful Marty
    Colorful Marty

    Bro I just broke my nail and it hurts real bad... I feel ya Christine

  • Živa Culiberg
    Živa Culiberg

    they were all kinda expecting she is preggo or smth serious.

  • Olivia Sullivan
    Olivia Sullivan

    Me: *thinks she puts up her middle finger* An hour later Me: *It was her ring finger*

  • Marie HP
    Marie HP


  • Luka Ognenoski
    Luka Ognenoski

    Me the first time waching this:it's just a broken nail it's not that bad Me after i broke my nail for the first time:it'really bad

  • Lucy Hauge
    Lucy Hauge

    " is this what it is like to be a normal person "

  • Courtney Alexis
    Courtney Alexis

    I’m watching this video while painting my nails.😂💅🏾

  • Elena Huang
    Elena Huang

    You can use a special thing that fixes everything! Ramen! 😂

  • Rhianna Seddon
    Rhianna Seddon

    Ur nails when there still long kinda look like a sunset

  • kaden

    girl stop breaking youre god dAmN nail

  • jstrogirl382

    Cristines brother, Matt, put down his tea and was like “do I need to fight someone?”

  • phroggy

    “Candy who” Same

  • Tara Croskery
    Tara Croskery

    Rob was the most devastated and I love it 😂

  • ww

    cristine’s “short nails” are three times longer than my “long nails”

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random

    This popped up in my recommended and I read it as '10 mins ago' 😭 I thought Cristine did some stupid shit again(like that one time she tried to move her table and snapped her nail)

  • Dee Love
    Dee Love

    Ben's brother is goals

  • christine grundahl
    christine grundahl

    NOOOOOOOOO I AM SO SORRY Christine omg

  • Lilli

    8:53 Saw your body language and I know how you’re feeling You look like the kind of girl who’s tired of speaking Standing with somebody but he doesn’t know what you like You caught my attention you were looking at me first Saw that I could teach you waking up in my tshirt If you’re not hooked on anything right now I can be your vice

  • Ibuki Mioda
    Ibuki Mioda

    Why am I watching this video At 4:18am in the morning

  • Lila Hurst
    Lila Hurst

    I was growing my nails out for months and then I had stupid at all trials and had to cut them and I cried

  • Sam Bread
    Sam Bread


  • killerk216

    Also...I just broke 2 nails.😭😭😭They were so long.

  • killerk216

    How is no one supporting her? Her freaking nail broke! Girl just call me, I will cry with you.🤦🏼‍♀😭😭😆😆😆

  • Yasmin Khaled
    Yasmin Khaled

    I like how her friends are giving more reactions more than her family 🤣🤣

  • Its Onlysnow
    Its Onlysnow

    I cant believe that when i was like 3-4 my hole thumbnail came off after a dumb kid move

  • Marie Hervieux
    Marie Hervieux

    Christine's I'm the only one that freaking out this week I work with a couple weeks ago is in my nail bed and have any nail glue

  • Alex Princess gaming
    Alex Princess gaming

    I planned the nail funeral everything in hollow

  • muffin head minecraft player
    muffin head minecraft player

    I was Riding my bike with my frend i feel but i caught my self and my leg hurts and i broke my nail bad

  • muffin head minecraft player
    muffin head minecraft player

    Me Waching this with my broken nail that is broken pritty bad its rlly deep to deep for me to cut it off so I’ll put clear nail polish till it grows so i can cut it

  • S A K U R A
    S A K U R A

    Sorry for your loss

  • Dainty Fox
    Dainty Fox

    I’m so late for this. But you should have done nail wraps on that nail. It’d be like a bandaid for your nail.

  • spear mtb
    spear mtb

    dose any one know where the shirt jen has on is from i really like it and am just wondering where i can get it

  • debtu

    OMG i thought this was that other video of her breaking her nail but she did it again smh

  • Guilty Artist
    Guilty Artist

    Cristine: " I have such wonderful family and friends to get me through this time " Jen:"I don't care" Me: *laughs*

  • Dakota Sabrynah
    Dakota Sabrynah

    simply: hopefully the rest of 2020 will be better...... right me watching this today: *actually laughs* bitch please

  • Brittany Hammock
    Brittany Hammock

    I love how Jen says “I don’t care”

  • alyssa hartman
    alyssa hartman

    “The rest of 2020 is gonna be great!” Yeah, no. That’s not how it happened.

  • j money
    j money

    "candy who?" lOL


    Honey you are a disapoinment 😀 (LMAO CRISTINE WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO URSELF)

  • Angel

    Cristine: Got some sad news i broke my nail :( Jen: WTH I DONT CARE!

  • Alexis DeTorre
    Alexis DeTorre

    When I tell you I gasped at the thumbnail-

  • Satturni

    10:53 does anyone know the song?

  • morganlizzie23

    I would protect Matt with my life he is such a sweetheart

  • Valentina Heredia
    Valentina Heredia

    Ok but is anyone getting major dad vibes from Matt

  • Lily Elliott
    Lily Elliott

    Why are my nails the length of Cristine's nail break...not after she grew it out before chopping, I mean when it first snapped T-T

  • 22xłėįgh

    Are we not just gonna forget when she brought up Grey’s Anatomy just saying😹✋🏻

  • Jerom Lambrechts
    Jerom Lambrechts

    𝖮𝗆𝗀 𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗍𝗌 sad

  • Chloe Harris
    Chloe Harris

    Anyone else think Cristine is amazing not only for her nail art

  • crunchy chip
    crunchy chip

    Did anyone notice that when she didn’t repaint her nails for that whole time for fear of it breaking that when she took the orange polish off, her nail growth wasn’t candy corn colored 😢

  • DeviAwesome

    Did anyone realise Matt spelled Matt with his coping mechanisms

  • DeviAwesome

    Did anyone realise Matt spelled Matt with his coping mechanisms

  • Eerie Fire
    Eerie Fire

    *the range of emotions* The dad: oh noes Ben’s brother: oh no I’m sorry Corrine: nooooooooo Rob: WTF Saph: *sounds of sadness* The sister: idc why are you telling me

    • Scarlet Black
      Scarlet Black

      I relate to Jen so much.

    • A_FatPenguin

      The sister: no please don't talk to me

  • Itsmetheweeb

    12:19 Me, a chronic nail biter: crunchity munchity Yeah I know its gross lol