Jawbreaker Nails (I drilled my nail)
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    ⚠️NAIL DRIL ACCIDENT UPDATE⚠️ on my second channel: uzload.info/fun/oauhgYLAsXGctJM/video

    • Emily Miller
      Emily Miller

      Rip to your nail..

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      Selina Speranza

      I love you videos so much

    • Kit K
      Kit K

      R.I.P your nails 😔 💅

    • Mella Berry
      Mella Berry

      This might be the worst project you've ever done for the health of your nails

    • Nugget the Cat Playlist Production
      Nugget the Cat Playlist Production


  • Kalani Eng
    Kalani Eng

    Looks like 132k prayed for your nails

  • Vann West
    Vann West

    Cristine! How could you leave us all hanging without showing us the aftermath of the over-drilling incident?! I just knew a little clip was going to pop up at the end of the video to tie up the loose ends of the drilling adventure, and I was DEVASTATED when I realized I had been betrayed! Oh Cristine, the heartache, the despair, the pain and wonder I must endure. It. Just. Isn't...Right........*dies*.

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    Mr.Bunny _Bear

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    Coffee Kai

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    Sakura Sheats

    Simply: then I applied two coats of one coat black Me: ..........it’s that illegal????

  • Shannon Leak
    Shannon Leak

    Ma'am I suggest a fake hand for nails ^^

    • Shannon Leak
      Shannon Leak

      For like these types of trends)

  • Aubrey Duran
    Aubrey Duran

    Me: Loving the asmr nail painting... Cristine: tectonic plates!

  • Fiona Keneally
    Fiona Keneally


  • teensy84

    I cant believe u got so many coats of normal polish to dry without smudges. I cant even manage that with one 😑

  • Chavon Hawthorne
    Chavon Hawthorne

    Me, knowing she started and ended with blue: please do not go past blue again. Do not collect $200 Cristine: **goes past blue** Me: **holds breath**

  • Malcom Chess
    Malcom Chess

    😂😂 as soon as the drill came out I was immediately concerned

  • Hogwarts Hoe
    Hogwarts Hoe

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    Shane Anderson

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    random acc on youtube ;-;

    holy crap I haven't seen you in 4 years .-.

  • Pharah Rose
    Pharah Rose

    Okay but that multichrome blue that had the menchi hair in it (sorry if I spelt it wrong) is so freaking pretty.

  • Alicja Soroka
    Alicja Soroka

    How when I pain one glossy taco on my nails I’m already at polish mountain

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    Legend 20

    I send my holo prayers to your nail

  • Lou

    Regarding nailpolish you're not quite the average person though...

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    Kiki’s Editz C

    the grey’s anatomy reference OMFG😭🥰🧋

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    Aryana Najafi

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    Macy Donahue

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  • boltund boi i want marina ida
    boltund boi i want marina ida

    Nail oil and peel off base coat

  • Xena Asmr
    Xena Asmr

    I received my shipment of crèmes a couple days ago and literally screamed at how amazing the quality is. Honestly the best crème nail formula that I have ever used! Now I don’t want to buy crèmes from any other indie but because Holo Taco is just starting out, they don’t have as much variety 😭

  • layla vannoy
    layla vannoy

    NAIL VIDEO IDEA Try painting your nails while running in your treadmill it would be funny

  • to ot
    to ot

    11:18 GASP 😱

  • Alyssa Glick
    Alyssa Glick

    you know you can buy uv light things on amazon right ...

  • Sammie Hunt
    Sammie Hunt

    .... when will we get the mint green, purple, orange and bright pink shades?👀

  • Tyler Albert
    Tyler Albert

    Her : I lied we are going to be using a drill Me: yasssss

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Looks cool love it

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    Zoe Williams

    Why is the nail polish so satisfying

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    cherrie meade

    😆 omg how my nails look after one application of acrylic 😂xxxxx

  • Kcid Otatop
    Kcid Otatop

    The smooth stream intralysosomally reach because parallelogram objectively protect plus a pricey waiter. shaggy, unruly joke

  • Trish Diggins
    Trish Diggins

    Just no on all levels.

  • Rowan Amethyst
    Rowan Amethyst

    Was not expecting a nail tutorial! Always keep me guessing

  • Josue Espinosa
    Josue Espinosa

    not in a dirty way but that one looks like a lady part

  • Katarzyna Mazur
    Katarzyna Mazur

    That nail drill is scary thing. But it's scary and dangerous, because drill bit seams to be unstable, the handpiece of this drill don't have enough torque and it vibrates so much. Professional nail drills have better stabilization, more torque, don't vibrate at all, have more power, so they are safer even for unprofessional use (but it's better buy an online course to learn how to use it and be safe). Cheap nail drills aren't safe for nobody. And nobody should use them.

  • Natalie Art Tutorials
    Natalie Art Tutorials

    Video Suggestion: Buying your brand Holo Taco from knockoff places

  • Hamburger

    The yellow top one looked like it was colored sand when Cristine was destroying it

  • Lps Sugar rush
    Lps Sugar rush

    Omg the rainbow nails but um accident happened there

  • Yuris pen
    Yuris pen

    My nails are paper fucking thin from those drills. I went with a friend and they were drilling away at my natural nail even when I told them not to. Ughhhhhhh

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    cheesy cat

    Menchie hair must be very annoying

  • Asha Jones
    Asha Jones

    The tutorial is on 5min crafts

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    isabelle deacon

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    Anna Richiedei

    remember when cristine tried dip powder nails and said “i dont have drill and i will never use a drill*. well here we are ladies and gents

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    Robyn Marsteller

    ok but the movie jawbreaker is iconicccc

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    Robin_kippers_.074 Kippers

    I havent watched in 2 years now. And its still the same glossy taco. 😭😭😂😂

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    Ava Shoopman

    "Scalpel, we're going in Meredith" OMG sh watches grey's anatomy?!?! omg

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    Allyssa Knack

    Why does this look so painful 🤣

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    Marissa Newman

    Was this before she released the green screen polish and gave us a hint?

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    Zoe And gacha club


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    chopsticks drawings1

    One day this will be me , I love my nails and I kill for them

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    Peyton Collins

    cristine is on redditlaqueristas 👀

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    abigail brome

    simply: we are doing great things for science here also simply: *proceeds to enter earth's core*

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    abigail brome

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    Kit K

    7:04 me who has never made a thumbnail in my life: 👁👄👁

  • Kit K
    Kit K

    I want to do this, but I don’t have time, gel polish, or a drill😭

    • egG

      same! i barely have nails either 😭

  • Amanda

    Her face when she casually mentions the green screen nail before it was officially released 🤣

  • Listener On͜͡ᴇ
    Listener On͜͡ᴇ

    Can you try doing acrylic nails 😪 please

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    Captain Rex

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  • Kausarzeb1234 Aurangzeb
    Kausarzeb1234 Aurangzeb

    Multichrome was really smooth but becoz of the drill it looked abit bad tho.... BUT STILLL IT WAS PREETTY GUOD😍👀

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    Srah manoksi


  • {•AK•Channel•}

    I havent watched you in like 5 years ()-()

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    Ahaana Sahay

    Please make a video in which you read your fans snapchat messages . And BTW I love you and beyyyyynnnnn and menchi bye

  • ScottyDog

    cristine going completely silent for a long pause before just saying "i think im gonna need to take a break." is such a mood

  • Sydney Graves
    Sydney Graves

    Cristine: basically I have a problem where I go overboard with things Jenna: my too much gene

  • Bella Boone
    Bella Boone

    “I’m not gonna use a drill cuz I don’t want an accident.” That’s foreshadowing at it’s finest ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between! But at least her nails are okay tho😂

  • Hayley Sabella
    Hayley Sabella

    Are those pastel cremes hers? The green and yellow ones in particular?

  • K Jayanth
    K Jayanth

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    Chika -Kun

    “Its like painting inside the hole” Me: IT ISSSS

  • Ve Zapata
    Ve Zapata

    lol I now realize towards the last nail that she should’ve just done it on on swatch sticks 😆😆😆

  • Intergalactic Gacha
    Intergalactic Gacha

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    Taylor Oehme

    Polish Mountain 2: electric boogaloo

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    Fiona Cranley

    jawbreakers--"the big balls i used to suck for days." ok Cristine

  • Celeste's Baby Alive's And more
    Celeste's Baby Alive's And more

    I would not try this.


    “I’m not going to use a drill because these are my real nails and we don’t want an accident” 30 min later *drills nail*

  • mxlodique

    Cristine: you know what the average person does have nowadays? Time!" Me, a student: yeah, about that....

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    Tim Osbaldeston

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    Melody Leblanc

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    Nugget the Cat Playlist Production


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    Pranjal Kale

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    WIFE of the PARTY

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