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  • Psyche’s Rose
    Psyche’s Rose

    the simply nail art looks like just simp wothout the thumb 😩

  • NikNes

    simp for simply haha

  • Middarimado

    I can't grow all of my nails long because I can't write on computer or use a pen. I also get gender dysphoria if I grow too many nails. I love long nails so I solved the problem by only growing one nail. It's my left pinkie. I usually paint only the nails on my left hand because I'm too lazy to struggle and paint the right one. Sometimes I'm so lazy that I only paint the left pinkie nail. Are there others who do the same? :D

  • Rebecca Cardwell
    Rebecca Cardwell

    My nails chipped off in Florida😫

  • ¿? ᑭᗩᑎᗪᗩ ᗷEᗩᖇ ¿?
    ¿? ᑭᗩᑎᗪᗩ ᗷEᗩᖇ ¿?

    Matching nails to mask be like for me : ok ima need the one coat black.... well that was boring

  • Poreema Maiti
    Poreema Maiti

    I have a problem, I hope someone answers this, Whenever I put in my top coat, I find my color nail polish coming out. So my top coat becomes stained? What do I do?

  • Reem Rafiq
    Reem Rafiq

    Who else thinks she looks like Lyncs from fortnite

  • Shadow_ Dragon
    Shadow_ Dragon

    Hi if somehow simply nail logical ends up seeing this I just want to say ILove your videos and I have been watching them for a couple weeks now and they just make me really happy especially with all the stuff going on

  • Manon D'Hont
    Manon D'Hont


  • PDB. Studios
    PDB. Studios

    Especially when equestrians have to scratch their horses butt we can't be careful lol🤣🤣🤣

  • PDB. Studios
    PDB. Studios

    Err equestrians can't be careful lol

  • Sara q
    Sara q

    Don’t bite your nails...don’t use them as tools... Fk ..I’ve been caught

  • Xena Asmr
    Xena Asmr

    Ready for that pastel holo 👀

  • Aiko’s Art
    Aiko’s Art

    Simply: just float it Me: pushes down hard

  • ChibySmiley

    Cristine: Stop biting your nails. Me, a nail biter: *sweats nervously*

  • Faerie Katie
    Faerie Katie

    Have you got any thoughts as to why EVERY nail polish cause my nails to weaken and chip within 24-48hours?

  • -[ Bunny Daize ]-
    -[ Bunny Daize ]-

    1:23 “And increase of *E C Z I I M A* “ its pronounced ‘ex mah’ ;-;

  • Shrek

    Usually I can't grow my nails out a ton because I do ✨rock climbing✨ but since all the gyms are closed I've been able to keep them a bit longer

  • Lola Bradley
    Lola Bradley

    Sometimes I just wish I could put a holo taco on my life 🌮 💿

  • Tayler Phillips
    Tayler Phillips


  • alisa akselevich
    alisa akselevich

    Damn this video made me miss nail art, but I can’t wear any nail polish other than a clear one since I joind the army and they have a dress code for nails

  • MRodriguezz

    Was fully expecting for Cristine to write HOLO with the medieval calligraphy, would look really cute

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    I actually really like the 70's style nail art that Cristine did. I'm not sure why, but I like it.

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    I actually really like the blue mask nails that she did, I dunno why.

  • Jia


  • Duck Duck Lover :3
    Duck Duck Lover :3

    Whoa nail art!

  • Aayushi Rajput
    Aayushi Rajput

    simply u can also use a nice thick coat of glossy taco to stick ur fake nails

  • Cristie Menéndez
    Cristie Menéndez

    when she said to stop biting my nails at 8:31 i was literally biting them as she pointed at me and i felt personally exposed...

  • BRANDY Mesa
    BRANDY Mesa

    I found this video two months after it released and I’m so glad I did! I laughed, I subbed, and I started looking for the polishes!!!

  • Samantha Plott
    Samantha Plott

    Why u gotta call me out like that? (I bite my nails)

  • Cece Tallo
    Cece Tallo

    At this point simply is going to turn into Tom Holland. She can't know her own products like he can't know the full script

  • Louise Barbosa
    Louise Barbosa

    Now I have to watch out for those nail tools and the spring dew holo 👀

  • 091 Aesthetic_Bear 190
    091 Aesthetic_Bear 190

    simply is a *S I M P* 6:45

  • Marisa Swan
    Marisa Swan

    She says eczema weirdly or is that just me??

  • Moo

    I used to really enjoy your personality, but I've realised how truly condescending you are. I feel like you're the person who belittles their friend's "uncool" interests. It's a beauty magazine, writing about beauty. Of course nails aren't important compared to global poverty & mass unemployment but as an aspect of beauty, it's relevant, important and was affected by the coronavirus. You have to act like you're too good, too smart, too cool, like you truly think you're the only person who's ever thought critically about beauty & nail art. It's so annoying.

  • haydar yilmaz
    haydar yilmaz

    The guiltless mother-in-law advantageously carry because shoemaker happily poke atop a ambiguous edge. sulky, lovely sphynx

  • Lovercat361

    14:16 no base coat???

  • Xenja Nobody
    Xenja Nobody

    8:30 I feel attacked... but also supported

  • Amandeep Chahal
    Amandeep Chahal

    is nobody gonna talk about the stripe tool and the eyes at the bottom of the screen?

  • Anonymous

    Simply, could you do another one of these? Loved this video and these masks still aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I need more cheering up. Thanks hun🤗😷💅

  • mst3kanita

    ok, i know this wasn't the point, but I love those essie polies.

  • JustSome_OldLoser101

    I love how she wrote simp instead of simply. I mean I guess she is a simp for holo, her cat, and tea.

  • Ilzheven

    I wear press on nails because my natural nails are garbage.

  • Mary Skinner
    Mary Skinner

    She said “that astetic” as I look down and my nails kinda look like that 👀

  • Fay's Room Silencing
    Fay's Room Silencing


  • The Hamilton adventure
    The Hamilton adventure

    When she said that she wasn’t good at nail art I freaked out and said “DO NoT SAY THAT you are way way way way way better than me” And I being honest

  • Bunny Button
    Bunny Button

    "grow out your nails" "don't use your nails as tools" laughs in guitarist and violinist.

  • Amelia Woolterton
    Amelia Woolterton

    My friend: what is nostalgic to you Me: cristine doing nail art 👀👀👀👀

  • Laila

    10:21 speaks hard.

  • Avanieee b
    Avanieee b

    New challenge for Cristine: use no holo for a whole month

  • Jade Mitchell
    Jade Mitchell

    bruh when she was talking about biting nails it just hit different as someone who does that don't judge just me

  • Shannon Rose Wiley
    Shannon Rose Wiley

    How does Cristine get nail polish to stay on her real nails? Nail polish just chips off my real nails.

  • 》[Shattered Dreams]《
    》[Shattered Dreams]《

    Simp? Oh no its simply With the ugliest mfing hand pose

  • Hanna

    my nails break extremely easily

  • Silvie’s Corner
    Silvie’s Corner

    S I M P

  • Dée Linire
    Dée Linire

    How do you keep your nailpolish smooth and good to go after keeping 'em in shelves at room temperature for longer periods of time??!! Mine keep drying in.

  • Danielle Anderson
    Danielle Anderson

    I don't know how I stumbled across you today but I'm happy I did.... and I've subscribed based on this one video alone

  • xoxjelloxox

    I was on “the google” lol

  • Aybüke Yaman
    Aybüke Yaman

    I Miss your old style videos

  • Jannelle Cusumano
    Jannelle Cusumano

    The first one was BEAUTIFUL

  • Jannelle Cusumano
    Jannelle Cusumano

    The thumbnail is so cool

  • Adrija Datta
    Adrija Datta

    Ok the moment Christine said that "historic video why yellow nails doesn't matter " my suggestion just came that. How ironic

  • KenmasNintendou

    simply: this is the year to grow out your nails, don’t bite them. me: the problem isn’t that i bite them it’s because i play violin, piano and flute 😭

  • RinSin Plays
    RinSin Plays

    8:28 But I can’t I’m a lesbian...

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    That nod to Jenna Marbles 😍

  • gølden d¡amøndss
    gølden d¡amøndss

    I actually got scared when Cristine said "stop biting your nails" because I was biting my nails while she was saying that-- 😭✋

  • Mary Francen
    Mary Francen

    I love your version of the multi colored manicure!

  • Ellie Bear
    Ellie Bear

    I got press on nails when I was 6 and it really hurt so I had to take em off

  • Raven Funtanilla
    Raven Funtanilla

    I don't understand why she says glassy taco when the stuff says holo taco? (I discovered this channel from a video on Safiya Nygaard)

  • Sarah Sami
    Sarah Sami

    So random.. But she reminds me of Asahi from Treasure..

  • ᑭIᑕKᒪᗴ ᑭᗩᗯ
    ᑭIᑕKᒪᗴ ᑭᗩᗯ

    💿 A m a z I n g 💿

  • InsomniacChild Wingz
    InsomniacChild Wingz

    I have to say I can’t have long nails right now because I play the cello but when I’m done I might grow them out

  • Black Berry
    Black Berry

    The more your channel progresses, the more you become my Science teacher. That is not a bad thing just to say, she is the best teacher I have ever had and she is really chill. She has been my favorite teacher since the 6th grade and it doesn't help that you look very alike, I find this funny

  • pandakatiefominz

    Okay, look, like... I just have to say this: I love vintage fashion. My favourite fashion decade of the 20th century is the 1940s. Just because you like vintage styles and aesthetics DOES. NOT. MEAN. you want to go back to what LIFE. WAS. LIKE. THEN. If I, a lesbian woman, lived in the 1940s, I wouldn't be able to live my authentic life. It would suck. I just like the clothes. I like the movies. I like the dancing. That's it. That's all. The 1940s was when the literal Holocaust happened. Liking the aesthetic of knee-length a-line skirts, bright red lipstick, and victory suits does not mean I want to go back to that time. Why is this difficult for people to understand? I like the trousers women in the 1940s wore. God damn, appreciating the aesthetic doesn't mean you love everything about the decade.

  • Science_is_Never_Settled

    As a former strings player... I can’t grow my nails. It’s just unnatural to me, like if Cristine had short nails. I also immediately ruin nail polish on my hands... so my toes get all the fun! And I’ve been doing the one-color-per-nail rainbows for yeeeears haha.

  • Ashley Grace Del Villar Zamora
    Ashley Grace Del Villar Zamora

    i am sorry y try tu gro aut my nels but hav bin baiting My nels sens i was littel so y don't now haw tu stop

  • Bu88leCat23 C-D M.W.
    Bu88leCat23 C-D M.W.

    I love your channel but I liked the way your videos were before..this new way just isn't.. you

  • sunny D
    sunny D

    bruh when she actually started speaking to the camera about biting nails i was like 😳😳😳😳😳

  • The Serene Shed
    The Serene Shed

    I simply love how honest, open, basic, casual, comfortable n ‘MAKE UP-FREE’ she is 🥺♥️

  • Rowan Party
    Rowan Party

    you should get acrylics and paint them for fun and collect them as you paint them in a jar for fun.

  • Patricia Nicole Sebastian
    Patricia Nicole Sebastian


  • shir0xx

    me: i want to grow my nails! also me: but I am also learning how to play ukulele... **cries**

  • Rose Maci
    Rose Maci


  • Skylar Dunham
    Skylar Dunham

    Simply: Grow out your nails! Me: *laughs in violin*

  • SoapyChives

    As someone who used to bite their nails somehow this helped lmao

  • NerualYam

    So far 2021 is worse than 2020 for me. Legit don’t really wanna exist rn.

  • Shnuggle Bugs
    Shnuggle Bugs

    Simply grow out your nails! *Cries in lesbian*

  • KawaiiMalia

    Me: Long nails My violin: No. I'm going make you accidentally pluck random strings until you file those f**kers off

  • Smolpotato Squad
    Smolpotato Squad

    Lmao she missed a giant opportunity to write “Holo” on her nails with the calligraphy nails- but tbh they all turned out pretty good!

  • fuez


  • Carmen

    You are so talented! The retro one was so good!

  • Carmen

    PLEASE GOD come out with press on nails from holotaco


    Anyone else wanna vomit when they hear “essie creme” or just me?

  • KaylaKay

    i have anxiety i can’t help biting them i’m sorry simply

  • Ashley Dailey
    Ashley Dailey

    I have that Swarovski mask lol it’s my accessory since I haven’t worn makeup in like a year

  • Kellin Wayne
    Kellin Wayne

    Simply: don't use glue-on nails, just grow yours out Me: *cries in artist*

  • Kim Suds
    Kim Suds

    Wow... You totally called me out. It is the year to grow the nails 😂

  • Phillip Davis
    Phillip Davis

    1:59 icetruck killer from dexter....

  • Katelynn Zink
    Katelynn Zink

    New nail polish coming out in spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiara c16
    kiara c16

    ah yes, the simp nails