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  • Ellie Hoenes
    Ellie Hoenes

    Put elmers glue on top of nail polish and peel it off

  • Edie Press
    Edie Press

    I'm stressed but I'm about to be destressed 😂 wrong word Cristine

  • I drop kicked A baby
    I drop kicked A baby

    It’s like scratching your butt, you may get a surprise

  • ASMR Gemini
    ASMR Gemini

    Ben is definitely husband type, he brings Christine topcoats, tea, he works in Starbucks, stays up late for polish mountain purposes and gives Christine massages. Yes 👏🏻 (also I dont know how to spell her name sorry-)

  • Roxxdafoxx Honey'Badger
    Roxxdafoxx Honey'Badger


  • Dakotah Mandina
    Dakotah Mandina

    I really want Christine to make more ASMR based off this and her actual ASMR video. Please make an ASMR channel, your whispers are legit perfect.

  • Roxy Jones
    Roxy Jones

    Turn to God because he will change your life

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith

    Gouache paint is basically the middle ground between acrylic and watercolour. It also is workable for longer than acrylic.

  • Enkeleda Neli
    Enkeleda Neli

    Christin you did everything good but before you use the paint you need a Kendal so it will work

  • Dabi


  • savy_gamer girl
    savy_gamer girl

    when are u and ben getting married

    • lizeth

      they've said it on their podcast before

    • lizeth

      they dont believe in marriage

  • Heywood Family
    Heywood Family


  • Khushi Dadwal
    Khushi Dadwal

    I love this so much OMG

  • Emily Dinges Love each other
    Emily Dinges Love each other

    You should’ve use chalk board paint it would’ve scraped we really easy

  • Pine's Motion - Pictures Presents
    Pine's Motion - Pictures Presents


  • Hannah Millet
    Hannah Millet

    can we take a second to appreciate the fact that she was doing all this ON HER OTHER HAND. girl that was precision. ambidextrous queen

  • Jhona Cariza Crizaldo
    Jhona Cariza Crizaldo

    omg gibiiiii

  • Skye The Doggo
    Skye The Doggo

    Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Christine is an adult... 😝

  • Martinez’s Martinez
    Martinez’s Martinez

    Turn to Jesus and be saved!

    • lizeth

      @Martinez’s Martinez when i die im rotting and that's all there is to it

    • Martinez’s Martinez
      Martinez’s Martinez

      @lizeth from going to heck!

    • lizeth

      saved from what? 🤨

  • Hailee Smith
    Hailee Smith

    Thank u for the asmr in the video and yes you do have a sothing enough voice

  • Yashi Stampedes
    Yashi Stampedes

    and a year later she eats her own words to put us through the ASMR nail crap. why????

  • sososweet 1249
    sososweet 1249

    9:35 the video is me going from my princess to my emo phase

  • Harrison Nolen
    Harrison Nolen

    I have a nail art reqest for you do the cat clock disine

  • Alphonsa Antony
    Alphonsa Antony

    12:18 that was beautiful

  • Ami

    Ben reminds me of Jeff Goldblum

  • MattheWard

    Gibi!!! ✨✨✨

  • Nicole Glabinski
    Nicole Glabinski

    Why is taco halo so expensive

    • lizeth

      because they get the best holo they can find they also are very good quality

  • Jiro’s Spotify Premium
    Jiro’s Spotify Premium

    I used to pan my nails with acrylic paint and wash it off for fun in art class

  • DeeAnn Kaufmann
    DeeAnn Kaufmann

    U r so funny & informative. 🙂😂 TY 4 b ing intertaining enough 2 help ease some of my pain even just 4 a little while. 🌹

  • {cloudy}

    I have the same flip pillow as you!

  • Sophix's little world
    Sophix's little world

    Loved the video, as always 💖 But just for your information, actually using gouache painting mixed with a little bit of soap is better for what's about scratching! It's a technique we learn at art academies 🙆🏻‍♀️

  • The Road Runner
    The Road Runner

    I’m literally watching this video as I wait for my rainbow under coat to dry so I can also do scratch off nails

  • •L!ght-Gl!tch3z•

    Gibby again it’s gee bee

  • Kory Brown
    Kory Brown

    "you can't either" I SCREAMED

  • Kira Tastic
    Kira Tastic

    Ok but legit I don’t understand asmr. People say they feel things listening to it, whether it’s a nice feeling or a bad one, but I just sit there like “yup, that’s a sound.”

  • Virtual Kitten
    Virtual Kitten

    I shivered when she said top coat..

  • Gaaryleung

    where does the lalala song at 2:20 come from?

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    It always sounds like Gouache is being said wrong lol. It just sounds so bad.

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    Gibby? Lol. She is G B like just say the letters. Ignore the i

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    Gibi is my favorite ASMRtist. I listen to it at night to fall asleep.

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    When she said "that must be whynim so chill" she should have put in a montage of all her rage screams from other videos lol.


    Simply nailogical = nail arrrrrtttt

  • Melanie Jerrils
    Melanie Jerrils

    Oh wow i love it. Im gonna def go and get the stuff to do this asap. Thanx 4 the vids!!

  • Itz_midnight

    no one: Cristine: 0:12 today on this episode of simplynailogical does nail art. me: wait what?! so she's done doing the stupid but funny videos and finally going back to doing actual nail art @-@ (ps. i love your videos Cristine!! did you know my sister's name is Christine but with an h? its kind of funny xD)

  • Sr.Braydondo

    this would be really fun if you had someone else and you painted each other’s nails and then put black on it without letting the other see

  • kayla p
    kayla p

    OMFG Where did you get your cup!!!!???

  • Raine Rupp
    Raine Rupp

    The blue eye girl!

  • andrea sofixnz
    andrea sofixnz

    THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EmEs Girl
    EmEs Girl

    Am I the only one who laughed when she caled Gibi "gibby"?💀

  • Jodie Garner
    Jodie Garner

    "goo-wash" paint is just the worst pronunciation of gouache paint I've ever heard, it's similar to watercolor, but not as transparent. Acrylic, or at least the cheap $1 or less acrylic bottles most people have, is used more in crafts than painting "professionally". Given the low price and thin paint, it's obviously not high quality, but it's cheap if all you need is some color or you want something really easily damaged.

  • Vajih Family
    Vajih Family

    5:21 she looks like she's your sister!

  • alma schreiber levi
    alma schreiber levi

    i need moreeee troom troom videos from youuuu:)

  • melody martinez
    melody martinez

    wish i could see jenna marbles do this 😭😭

  • mylastbraincell

    Who else noticed that she was wearing her holo taco rainbow collection on her main hand?

  • Yogitha Manu Bopaiah
    Yogitha Manu Bopaiah


  • Kealey Shohet
    Kealey Shohet

    i actually figured out how to do this as a kid. i figured out how to do it randomly and it has helped a lot with anxiety and my panic attacks.

  • Theod Mi
    Theod Mi

    Question: how many cups of tea do you drink every day?

  • Reality the2nd
    Reality the2nd

    "that would just annoy the shit out of people" 🤣

  • Heili M.
    Heili M.

    I'm surprised how she hasn't made a video of her painting her nails to look like covid-19

  • xStellar ඞ
    xStellar ඞ

    Maybe these was recorded 7 years ago and they're all dead now. No wonder why they don't know Peel Off Base Coats and Liquid Latex.

  • Rae Bass
    Rae Bass

    my expectations are high because of ben

  • Anwita Bhati
    Anwita Bhati

    That camera angle tho😍🤤

  • omgwtfMindyloo

    I have been looking for large-handled mugs for ages, and am very jealous of your gorgeous tea mugs. Do you remember where you got them? If they are a family heirloom, I may have to adopt you.

  • jeidi01

    Turns out Cristine is really good at making ASMR vids!

  • Alice Bananaaa
    Alice Bananaaa

    Is this a nail art video from simply nailogical???????

  • B Pieper
    B Pieper

    It’s so ironic Cristine is talking how she’s not into ASMR in this vid but she just made an ASMR video now 😂

  • Renée Skaugen
    Renée Skaugen


  • Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené
    Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené

    Cristine: I hate ASMR Ctistine 9 months later: Makes ASMR nail art video LOL

  • Bob the Bob
    Bob the Bob

    Well holo

  • Amber Price
    Amber Price

    ASMR just makes me laugh so much! xD

  • Isabelle Dowbysch
    Isabelle Dowbysch

    I too hate ASMR

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    who's here after simply's new ASMR video?🤠

  • Bee

    Troom troom: goo-wash Cristine: goo-wash Me: gwash Artstore: gouache

  • Queen Carter
    Queen Carter

    Woahh!!! Coolest thing of all time

  • Elena Perez and more
    Elena Perez and more

    13:42 Ben: ok you have fun dear 😘 So sweet 😇

  • Ecwin Ribeiro
    Ecwin Ribeiro

    I almost fell asleep while watching this

  • Afnan Khan Ramisa
    Afnan Khan Ramisa

    Gibby xD

  • nobody

    we need holo-tea for u im serious

  • M T
    M T


  • Leah Robertson
    Leah Robertson

    "Omg I have to get out. BUT I CAN'T GET OUT!!!" Quote by Christine 😂

  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss

    Holo is life

  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss


  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss


  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss

    Omg i live u sinply

  • Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life
    Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life

    BITCH I have that gibi video on my watch later list lol but what a coincidence

  • Nails by Amy
    Nails by Amy


  • kady heron
    kady heron

    me picking at my nails when Cristine says not to do that: okay, fine, mom, i’ll stop.

  • •cherry•

    Painting my nails makes me stressed

  • Mele G
    Mele G

    Do I work with holo taco

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    all the fun art channels making really cool and intricate pictures with scratch books me taking an hour to just take a coin and scratch off literally all the black bc im i frickin child like if relatable

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    I've been painting my nails everyday and wearing nail oil to grow my nails Cristine, I hope you're proud

  • Sourpatchkiiddoo The Chaotic Gay
    Sourpatchkiiddoo The Chaotic Gay


  • Honeysuckclex

    when you think its clickbait but you find out she doesnt lie :)

  • Karolina Chodakowska
    Karolina Chodakowska

    You were doing your's nails nice and when i was watching it i messed up my gliter nails... :,(

  • Vicktoria Veela
    Vicktoria Veela

    We all know the real reason we relax when doing our nails. It's because we get high on the fumes

  • Valkyrie Sanborn
    Valkyrie Sanborn

    Asmr stresses me out.

  • MauiStarz *
    MauiStarz *

    This looks like fun lol

  • Katie

    Am I the only one who WHEEZED at the clip of the troom troom women in her pants pretending to be a dinosaur??? I literally crieddddd

  • Remy R.
    Remy R.

    You could do a game show where Ben has to guess what's on your nails by only revealing a small part of it with scratch off.

  • Trisha Helmer
    Trisha Helmer

    I have broken my nail before and IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! I cry soooooooo much on that day. TmT