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Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels.

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  • Bella Logan
    Bella Logan

    2021? Just me k

  • Marianna DeBolt
    Marianna DeBolt

    I loved the tour. Do a video like that. Take us for a ride.

  • Kelley Dawne
    Kelley Dawne

    This is super cute! I also enjoyed the tour through Ottawa. I've only been twice and both times were around Parliament, so it was nice to see other areas.

  • tjsshap

    Omg I'm so excited to go see these! This was great! Lol love it!

  • Jean Titel
    Jean Titel

    can you please do this again but different place like the bus and maybe a newspaper

  • Carole Jones
    Carole Jones

    That big ben joke killed me! This video was hilarious id be really interested to know if if actually helps sales though also other peoples reactions to the billboards haha!

  • Val R
    Val R

    sooo can we get the precise location of the billboard?

  • Kat Beschinski
    Kat Beschinski

    I spent less than 5000 dollars on my truck with all the flushes, oil change, and new tires 😂

  • porcipine 420
    porcipine 420

    @ hey come check out my beet go ahead and rate it in the comments. but if your gonna be a troll go ahead but if you honestly care about your hate towards me so much ... its time for therapy my friend(: plus if u dont like it tell me whats up cuz i need opinions that can help.

  • Marina Smith
    Marina Smith

    Holo everyone.

  • cabbages

    I enjoyed this video

  • Angela Johnsonbaugh
    Angela Johnsonbaugh

    CRISTINE if you ever want to advertise in Michigan contact me!! I work at a billboard company as a graphic designer and I would absolutely love to put a board up for you 😍😍

  • Becca.Bender37

    eat your heart out alisha marie

  • BandanaMations

    I don’t have a significant other to put on a billboard.

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G

    This is hilarious 🤣

  • Peachy Panda
    Peachy Panda

    billboard? who’s she? I only know Benboard

  • Sarah Beatty
    Sarah Beatty


  • Courtney Arsenault
    Courtney Arsenault

    Oh my!! I need to do a 6 hour road trip to Ottawa just to see these 😂😂

  • Ly Tran
    Ly Tran

    Am I the only one who wonders why this channel was not named "Holo Taco"?

  • Marisa Cohen
    Marisa Cohen

    I want to have this level of extra in my relationship

  • Pokepants

    *deadpan daddy* edit *real men wear nail polish* (insert lip biting emoji)

  • kyoka jirou
    kyoka jirou

    it’s menchi’s world and we’re all just living in it.

  • Boba Tea Isabella
    Boba Tea Isabella


  • MJLlamacorn

    I’m actually surprised ppl care about the length of ur hair. I like long hair. I like short hair. I like my hair. I like your hair

  • aimee vargas
    aimee vargas

    Did she say /bilingyoual/

  • Hillary Barbour
    Hillary Barbour

    We need more Canada tours with Ben and Christine 🍁👀🇨🇦📸

  • Varvara Kameneva
    Varvara Kameneva

    I guess it’s time for a Montreal - Ottawa road trip 😅

  • Ken B
    Ken B

    I don't know why but I freaked out when I saw those billboards because I recognized almost all those streets and the first billboard you went to I was on that street like 2 weeks ago I don't know but I got really excited I love watching your videos I watched you for like 2 years so I'm going to go down that road tomorrow and see if I can find the billboards 😙✌️

  • Patty

    This is cute but I would have preferred the cats on the billboard.

  • cokkiecat

    'for pople in warm climates' Me who had ap olar vortec

  • ConfusedTacos

    Do you get to keep the vinyls that were printed for the Billboard?

  • Beth Meier
    Beth Meier

    Imagine being Ben's day-job coworkers and seeing those billboards just like 😳

  • AmbblyPuff

    Ben: Stands by a billboard of himself Random person: HoNk!

  • Itty

    These people who hit the dislike button in this kind of videos must live a very sad life 😅

  • Liezle Heath
    Liezle Heath

    congrats on trending!

  • Levi . AoT
    Levi . AoT

    i love their relationship so much omfg

  • Jai D
    Jai D

    Love it 😍

  • Morgan kelly
    Morgan kelly

    I love bens reaction, he just laughed and looked like he genuinely thought it was funny. there are so many snowflakes out there that would be like: I cAnT BeLiVe yOu Did tHis tO hiM

  • Cels Corner
    Cels Corner

    brb driving to ottawa to take a pic with beyn

  • Lisa

    What is with the green face mannequin? I feel like I missed a video.

  • SunnySarahDee

    I 100% plan to walk to that first billboard soon, it’s so close to where I live lol

  • Fiz Pika
    Fiz Pika

    hahaha omg, you guys are so cute together xD this is hilarious though. omg. i cant stop smiling :D good job you two xD

  • Hi ._.
    Hi ._.

    You should post more I really like your videos

  • Cyndy Davis
    Cyndy Davis

    Great!🤣🤣🤣 Ben has a great laugh!

  • graytart

    I am going for a drive tomorrow and go look for wild Bens in Ottawa! (just kidding, we are on lockdown again)

  • Alicia Gravestone
    Alicia Gravestone

    I saw the billboard near Wellington #beyyyyyyn

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire Pettie

    Finally a prank channel that doesn't feel the need to scream into the camera. I hope the banana phone makes the cut next time.

  • Erin Hunter
    Erin Hunter

    Driving around trying to find Beyyyn. I love the billboards!

  • NikNes

    simp for simply haha

  • Brodie Mann
    Brodie Mann


  • Carmellitia Speredowich
    Carmellitia Speredowich

    what we thought the next generation would be: flying cars Reality: putting my boyfriend on a billboard

  • Alya Maulana
    Alya Maulana

    Congratulations being numbers #6 on trending ❤

  • Beth's Compilations
    Beth's Compilations

    Love it!

  • Sam Bread
    Sam Bread

    Not me thinking this was a gay video. I saw two men! Don’t judge me!

  • sangwoo's throbbing neck veins
    sangwoo's throbbing neck veins

    remember when there were nail videos on this channel? me neither.

  • Sadie T
    Sadie T

    “the male species” your right Christine they are a whole different species

  • Highbeam

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  • AluraFox

    I genuinely love this.

  • Squirel

    There should have been a code so you could tell how many people saw it.

  • murrrriel

    Wait, is there a video where Beyyyyyyn paints her nails????

  • Tenley Jo
    Tenley Jo

    I love your show

  • Matthew Schwendinger
    Matthew Schwendinger

    Okay, here me out.... an advertisement of Ben on the side of busses!!! This way more people get the opportunity to see these amazing ads!!

  • Pugs309

    Lmao omg love this so funny

  • NAT

    simply's finally on the trending page :')

  • Dearyvette TN
    Dearyvette TN

    Maybe you"ll get some baseball catchers to buy. Brightly polished nails are easy for the pitchers to see signals. I was blown away when I saw this at a game and I just had to know 🤷‍♀️WHY??????

  • Cher G
    Cher G

    Jesus is coming very soon. We must be ready. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you shall be saved. For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

  • Mythical Wolf
    Mythical Wolf


  • Hayley Ellen
    Hayley Ellen

    Should’ve done a promo code for the billboards that you didn’t share in the video, cause then you might be able to see how they worked and how many have used the promo

  • Faith Midnight
    Faith Midnight

    Internet people have seen them too.

  • spendiferouslochness

    Oh man I wish I was in Ottawa right now haha

  • Sungho Lim
    Sungho Lim

    I like your new car.

  • loçał cracĸheađ
    loçał cracĸheađ

    "lets delete the pain in his eyes" ..shore

  • Leah Rosin
    Leah Rosin

    10/10 would recommend this content. Lol

  • emanuele robert
    emanuele robert

    Think i saw my Unii 👀

  • Julia Sleeman
    Julia Sleeman

    Safiya should mix all HER nail polish together 👍

  • Ko Eun Yoo
    Ko Eun Yoo

    Is this an expense for holo taco or simplynailogical?

  • Kate Hodges
    Kate Hodges

    Watching them leave the house makes my quarantined soul feel better

  • InstantNoodles kun
    InstantNoodles kun

    It would be so funny if ben put cristine in a billboard bwhahaha

  • emily rose
    emily rose

    I’m so I love with you guys. If I lived there I’d find them all. Too bad I’m in Vancouver haha

  • Grahzzy MEDIA
    Grahzzy MEDIA

    you know yes theory did this awell